Tuesday...all rainy and gloomy  

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10/25/2005 10:27 am

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Tuesday...all rainy and gloomy

What better way would there to be to spend this kind of day? In bed with some guy fucking and sucking and enjoying all the things there is to offer...but not now...maybe tonite it will happen...

My friend did not reach me in time last nite, as my husband was to get up early and I would not have much time to sneak out..like a buddy says, it is hard to explain a midnite walk when it is like 30 degrees out LOL

So, what lays ahead for tonite? Dunno yet..will get online later on and chat and see who is out there and who is bored---I have an itch and it does need to be scratched! I did get laid by the husband last nite though--Made sure I got off this time--I made him go down on me (he did not disagree or argue this time LO..and I got off and enjoyed it! Then he fucked me and that was it, he fell back to sleep UGH...OH wellsly, that is life!

Stay tuned....more to cum...

It is now 10:50pm on Tuesday nite...I got to meet a guy this afternoon..YES someone off of here...very cool...kisses pretty well...we met to say HI and then we kinda got into some heavy flirting (to say the least) He really wanted to fuck me and go down on me...but my time was limited--it was a spur of the moment thing that we set up--he was available and I made myself available for a bit LOL...I gave him a quick preview of what I could do with my mouth--he enjoyed it LOL..and he had some major roaming hands, was not going to argue! Stay tuned for the outcome of this one...hope to be continued tomorrow!

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10/27/2005 7:12 am

Love to get together with you!!! We could have some fun!

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