Thursday and I am raring to go...  

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11/3/2005 6:01 am

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Thursday and I am raring to go...

I feel bad that I have missed a day or two on this thing...oh well...nothing much has been happening...I did not hook up with that guy yesterday, email communication got mixed up...So we are rescheduling for next week sometime...

I got this email on here...from a guy who is traveling and is in my area for the nite--damn! How convenient, already has a room and is horny and is not from around here...Well I replied back to him and he found me chatting on yahoo messenger...we chatted for about 10 mins and I told him that I would be rite over...He gave me his room number and what hotel he was in---it was like less than a 5 min drive from my house (awesome to live so close to the local motels i guess)

I got there and he met me outside--so I did not have to go thru the lobby HEHE..very smart thinking, just in case--small towns ya never know who is working where!

We went to his room..he has been reading my blogs and we talked about a few things--and he got naked...which was cool--he was first LOL...then he came over to the bed where i was sitting back on...and he took off my pants--no underwear on of course (never do) he loves to suck and lick, which is not bad at all--I am not arguing over a guy who wants to lick my wet box---if he wants to work me over, please go ahead--which he did

He was into trying things--and he is a he is a smooth talker--talk ya into anything! but it was fun...he licked and sucked and fingers...I sucked and stroked for a while too..I LOVE TO SUCK COCK--gets me so wet...After cumming several times he finally fucked me good and got himself off...He fucked me from behind, which always feels incredible...and he kept working my ass--finally he fucked my ass too! I was shocked, but was not going to fight it--just felt rite I guess! He came and we were done...sat and chatted for a few mins, i went in the bathroom to clean up and got dressed and left for home where hubby was just getting up for work!

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