Sunday and all is well  

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11/20/2005 6:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sunday and all is well

I had a busy weekend...went to work on Saturday and then had a party Saturday nite...Headed home from Rochester and got back in town about 11ish or so...Went to bed and slept like shit LOL

Today was a family day (as sundays are) and before things started out for the day, I got lucky with the old was the sex after a fight thing...We have not been getting along and we decided we both were horny and needed some release--it was fun this time...

I went in to wash my hair and I was leaning over my tub, he came in and locked the door behind him..which I knew what was going to happen then...He leaned over me and said hey babe (cheesy) and then bent down and took my pants down (mind you on i have my monthly friend) and he just slipped it deep inside me--and started to pump my pussy from behind over the tub, and I was not going to argue (hey I was getting a bit of satisfaction so it was good)

He got off and I had to...he pumped me well! And then off to a great day after that--we both had some release and that worked well, less stress and less tension in the house then LOL

I will keep ya posted on what is up this week--I have to see what cums up HAHA

WildWon1982 34M

11/21/2005 12:52 pm

Very nice. I love to hear a woman satisfied. Wish I could contribute.

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