Sunday Evening....  

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10/30/2005 5:40 pm

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Sunday Evening....

Well I have missed a few days huh?! sorry about that...been sooooooo busy!

On Friday I hooked up with a guy off of here...someone I have chatted with in the past and our conversations dwithered--mentioned him in the Wed post I think...we met first and clicked--he was cool and we decided to hook up Friday afternoon for some fun...

I got my mom to babysit my son so I could get out worked! He called me and said he was at the hotel, I was actually near the gas station getting gas and water about being anxious huh?! Never me...LOL...I was really looking forward to this meeting for a while and was really wet thinking of it for the past few days! Wow, it finally was here and he was in a room next to the gas station waiting for ME!

I drove to the motel and found the room that he said he was in...Walked in and had very little small talk--I sat on the bed and he undressed me first...which I was like hey that is not fair he undressed himself--I took him into my he tasted great! I was enjoying it very much and then he leaned me back and kissed me..amazing! He certainly knew what he was doing...a bit nervous he was (i am thinking) but it was fun...We teased each other a bit and then he fucked me--kinda slowly and with some hesitation--did not want to cum yet i i was waiting for him to pound me, but thinking it was too much stim for him rite then! I came when he went down on me and he came while fucking me---it was good!

We layed on the bed talking for awhile and joked around--it was fun to hear of each other's experiences! It was getting kinda late, but I was still feeling horny (as usual) and I started to kiss his neck and then worked my way down to his nipples (man I love nipples on men) and then continued down..he was like why you doing this now?! hehe...I had an urge and I had to do that to him...he was enjoying my mouth and my hands working his tool (nice one for that fact)...I got him so hard that he could not stand it anymore, so he got up and rolled me over to my stomach and started to fuck me from behind---I was sooooo wet and so ready to be fucked again...He worked me over good, and I started to play with myself while he was fucking--wow did i ever cum! Release and such fun -- he pounded me until he came and could not hold himself up anymore, awesome it was...

We cleaned up and got dressed and said good by...maybe to continue another day -- he will contact me when he is available, we will see =)

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