Remembering a great time....  

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11/6/2005 6:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Remembering a great time....

It is Sunday am and I am sitting here at the computer remembering my time I had on Friday nite...OH WOW! I have been really needing to get laid and really pounded -- ever get that feeling?! The kind that you need to be just taken advantage of?! Totally violated and totally taken over completely in the bedroom?~! Well that is how I was feeling, I have had a few encounters lately and have had alot of fun--but I needed a bit more, something more intense and I guess I really got what I wanted on Friday nite...

It all started by meeting up with this guy one other time--we met at a hotel that time and hung out for a few hours together--he was good, but never thought it would be mind blowing sex once I met with him again...Well I decided to put that to the test--and he proved to be well above what I had thought...We were going to meet during the day, but I had things fall thru, which is typical at times UGH...being a mom is first in my book, so I have to work around that...

He told me his wife was out of town until Saturday nite and that if I wanted to get out I could come over on Friday nite--which suite me perfectly and it was well worth the drive, and me getting lost on the way there! That is another

I got to his house and we sat and talked and was watching some tv...stupid show that pissed us off--internet prowlers--ugh what do people think of?!

After a bit of talking we walked into another room and he had it all ready for my arrival--thought that was pretty smooth...he had his rubbers waiting, some lube, and a blanket, and a camera! hehe...that did not bother me at all, as I have had pics taken before--it is fun and goes with me being voyeuristic I guess...Well we got down to some fun...sucking and licking and probing and such...I sucked him pretty good and fingered his ass a bit--did not know how far I really should go seeing as I don't normally do that ya know...Unless I know a guy is good for that, I will keep my fingers to myself! hehe...he really enjoyed it and luckily he had the lube around and handy, that helped some! He then got me turned over on my stomach and just started to work my pussy--with a finger then more fingers started to go in...damn, that felt amazing...I have never had a "cervical" massage like that nite! It felt amazing and I was in how can this get better ya know...well was I in for a surprise! He has this side to him that is dirty and brought out my dirty side--he was talking to me during the whole time and I responded openly--it was an amazing experience..he has a very nice tool and felt so great deep inside me--as deep as he could get it (felt like he was inside of my stomach with the way he pounded me) that itch was being scratched for sure...We continued to experiment and enjoy each other for a while..after it was all over, my legs were shaking, my body was in awe and he was laying there limp and barely could move--I drained him for what he was worth and damn it was good!

We just had an amazing time and I cannot wait for the next time to cum..maybe this time we can have a bit more dirty come out of us!

wildbill469 57M
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11/7/2005 2:35 am

You blogs are the best. Every time I read them I'm wishing it was my cock you were using. Next thing you know, I have a raging hard-on all for you. LOL. Maybe one day...
Thanks for giving an inside and discriptive look to all the fun you are having. I look fwd to the next one..and chatting with you again

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