Gotta love the rag tops  

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6/23/2006 9:36 pm

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Gotta love the rag tops

You called me about 10pm and asked if I could get out...I was like sure I can, where are we meeting? You tell me where you will be, I get out of the house and get into my van and drive to find you...Pull up next to ya in the parking lot and we chat for a minute--cannot believe it has been almost 2 years since we last seen one another! You looked good with the messed up hair and the beard--something I haven't seen on you before...We find a place for me to park my van and I get into the car...Very nice -- a BMW rag top and you have it down! Kinda cool out, I forgot my sweatshirt--but you make it warm in there and are so thoughtful when ya do!

We drive around, catching up on old things and how our lives have been--alot has happened in the 4 years we have known each other! Wow, it has been 4 years since I met you--you and I always seem to be off schedule but tonite it worked! You were always into my chest--always loved to touch, suck, tease, and nibble on my chest--that was your "toy" when we were together! But you surely made it worth my while each time, you gave me what I needed and always had my knees shaking afterwards--good stuff!

After driving a while on some back roads, we find this really secluded road--nothing in site ahead and behind us...You pull over on the side of road, shut off the lights and turn the radio on low--We leaned back to watch the stars -- amazing site it was to see--you seen a falling star! I said you were lying LOL...but I guess it was your lucky day/nite...I leaned over to kiss you, man did I forget how it felt to kiss your lips--nice for sure! You had both hands on me--rubbing my chest over my shirt...teasing my nipples...I reach for your cock--oh I remember how that felt when it was working me over good...You pulled your shorts down a bit and I leaned over to reaquiant myself with that wonderful tool of yours--it was just as I remembered, stiff and so nice! You were enjoying the attention and then you wanted to bend me over the car -- you got out of the car and walked over to where I was sitting, opened the door and I immediately moved into position...leaning over the console and you entered me--slowly and deeply--oh how it felt feeling you deep in me, one thing I do remember now was how good you felt -- it got to me! You reached me and it was good...You worked me abit and we both came--Although you were not soft, you entered me again--nice it was...You pulled out and I moved out of the car and you shut the door--bent me over the side and slid inside again---oh was I wet, you commented on how wet I was--it was all your fault for making me want you as much as I did...You worked me again some and then there was a light...boy did you move a bit fast--hiding behind the car a bit until the other car passed us funny was that?! You came back up by the door and stood up near me so I could suck you again before we were done--you moaned a bit and said a few things and then got down and walked to the other side and hopped in...We laughed a bit over the lights and then wouldn't ya know another one came through! Boy was that close, imagine us being in the midst of a good fuck and those lights showed up?!

We drove back into town so I could pick up my van...we sat in your car chatting a bit before I got out and you told me you really want to do this again.

My first fuck in a BMW Convertible!! Thank you babe--cannot wait till another starry nite to take a drive with you!

rm_sixftfive28m 40M

6/26/2006 8:55 pm

That was friggin hot! I wish I had a BMW!

1973GAL 44F

6/27/2006 12:32 pm

Doesn't take a BMW to get me there HEHE...

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