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1/31/2006 11:05 pm

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About My Cargo Truck

Thanks to the only comment I got on my first blog. I've decided to tell you about my Cargo Truck.
When I got it it was bare inside. It had thin white paneling with household insulation on the walls. And there was no wall seperating the front from the back.
The first thing I did was to rip out the thin paneling and insulation, and put a wall up just behind the front seats. Seperating the front from the back.
I sat in the truck for about 2 months trying to figure out how I wanted everything. I put up 2" thick styrofoam insulation sheets on the walls, along with 1/4" toungue and groove plank paneling. I used a blow torch to lightly burn the wood. It makes it look like it was stained but without all of the mess of rags and spilled stain. It seriously brings out all of the wood grain.
After that was done I started on the floor. I made a frame on the floor using femer strips. Then I put 1/2" thick styrofoam insulation in between them. Nailed a couple of sheets of 1/2" thick plywood down. Then I got lucky. I was only going to put a single layer of 1/2" thick padding down, but They gave me the end of the roll so I got more padding than what I paid for. Now I got an 1 1/2" on the floor. I put down some red indoor/outdoor carpeting. It looks great.
With that done I put in the bathroom behind the front seat. And I got a couple of cabinets I put behind the passenger seat. I turned that into a workbench. I found a dresser that fits in back of the truck on top of the wheel walls. It goes from one wall to the other. I put my bed on top of that. It also gives me some storage space behind the dresser and under the bed. It's easy to get to using the back door.
I also built a cabinet for the 2 burner stove, a workbench top, redid the dashboard, 2 doors for the storage area, and a counter top with doors to hide the bathroom. I used nothing but scrap wood I got from construction sights. I cut all the scrap wood on a table saw into 1"x2" strips then burned them using a blow torch. I love how it brings out all of the wood grain.
That's all I've gotten done on it so far. I still have to put in the water tank, sewage tank, build a cabinet for the sink, build a stand up cabinet for the refridgerator, microwave, and cinventional oven. Put in a wall heater, shower, and a small hot water tank. The part that's costing me the bucks is I need to put in a new trans and get new windows. Other than that I'm done!

Thanks for reading! I didn't expect to type so much.

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