Dust of journey years  

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Dust of journey years

A day, a boy says to a girl:" if I only have a gruel, I will chase the half give I of mother, another the half gives you."
The little girl liked to ascend the little boy.
His l2 year old that year, her l0 year old.
Lead for 10 years, one day, their village were drowned by the flood, he saves the person without intermission, there is old man, there is child, there is the cognitive, there is incognizance, having no only to save her in person.
She drive after other people's extrication, someone ask him:" You like her since, why not save her?"
He says slightly:" Exactly because I love her, I just go first to save the other people.She died, I also will not live only."
Hence they got married in that year.
His 22 years old that year, her 20 years old.
Afterwards, the whole country suffer famine, they the same is poor to get the 揭 not to open the pot, the end left a little to face only, doing a noodle soup.
He loathes to give up to eat, letting her eat;She loathes to give up to eat, letting him eat!Three divas, that noodle soup became mildewed.
At that time, his 42 years old, her 40 years old!
Because the grandfather is the landlord once, he is subjected to criticize the 斗 .
In that exergue," organization up" let she" draw a clear distinction, peg out the right and wrong".
She say:" Who I do not know to is the people's internal enemy, but I know, he is a good man, he loves me, I also love him, this is all right already!"
Hence, she accompany he gets the batch, the nominal quotation parade, two husband and wife accepted the same destiny in the years of the distress!
That year, his 52 years old, her 50 years old!
Many years passed by, he studies the Chi Kung together with her for the sake of the body of 锻炼 .
At this time they adjusted the city in, multiply by the park that the bus goes to the city center every morning, be a youth person to let for them, they all do not wish to sit down but let the other party stand.
Hence two people huddle together to grasp the arm-rest in hand, the on the face all takes the contented smile, the person on the car all stands to get up unexpectedly and involuntarily and all.
That year, his 72 years old, her 70 years old.
She say:"10 after years if we are all the 巳 died, I certainly become him, he certainly becomes me, then he drinks again a gruel of half that I send him!"
70- year old dust of journey years, this is the love

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