my recent ecounter  

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10/9/2005 3:59 am

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my recent ecounter

My first encounter from AdultFriendFinder (almost)

I had sent a message to a lady on AdultFriendFinder who was interested in sex in a public place. Once we had traded emails to get to know what each other wanted, we decided not to meet until we were in a public place. We agreed that screwing on a train would be exciting and particularly interesting as well as rythmic with the feeling of the motion of the train. We agreed on a particular train (Country train trip) and had set an hour as the time period for our encounter to take place. When I entered the train carriage I searched both upstairs and downstairs, given the lateness of the trip the carriage was empty. I waited until I heard an announcement stating the train would depart in five minutes. I figured if she didn't show I could get at Strathfield therefore I'd be close to home. I then noticed a lady with a magazine enter the carriage, was this her I asked myself (we deliberately didn't give descriptios to make the encounter even more annonymous). The train pulled out of the station and I thought this must be her. She was resting her legs on the seat in front of her and I caught a glimpse of her panties as she opened her legs slightly. I thought well this must be a sign so I looked at her and smiled. She looked at me smiled and then began reading her magazine. The train stopped between Central and Redfern and I thought, I must make a move. I noticed her look up every now and again and I thought I must do something. I opened my flies and pulled out my cock, I knew if she went to look out of the window she might see the reflection, sure enough I noticed her looking as I stroked my cock to hardness. As I played with the head of my cock with my fingers I could see her looking into the opposite window. Suddenly I received a text message and I thought she was going to ask me to come over to her, instead it was from the lady I was supposed to meet saying she had missed the train and was sorry. I thought SHIT!!!! I've just probably given someone an opportunity to get me for indecent exposure. I quickly put my cock away and was nervous. The woman noticed what I had did and to my surprise opened her legs slightly more. I looked as I was incredibly horny and she noticed, placing her finger against her painties she began to rub herself. I started playing with my cock again and she was rubbing even more quickly. I then decided to take the gamble of moving to her seat, she smiled and revealed her wet panties and said "I love watching men masturbate". I knelt down, peeled her panties off and started to lick her, the motion of the train and her moans as well as the thrill of getting caught made me really horny. She was so wet and had obviously been a bit sticky all day, the beautiful smell of her pussy made me so horny. I took all of her juices and then she slid on top of me. The unfortunate thing was I was too nervous to cum but I felt her cum all over my cock. Well this was the best trip from Central to Strathfield I'd ever had. To this day, I always suggest a train to those who want sex in public and have enjoyed encounters a few timnes this way.

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