Ode to the Clitoris  

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10/11/2005 11:32 am

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Ode to the Clitoris

You try so hard to lick me well,
There's something I should really tell,
You're licking all around my mound,
But there's one place where pleasure's found.
It's not that high or down that low,
It's not that fast and not too slow,
Don't waste my time and all that spit,
Just stay your punk ass on my clit!
With your finger or with your tongue,
Stay on that clit till the job is done.
Suck it like a little dick,
the only place that you should lick,
do not move until I cum,
the other stuff is really dumb.
I'm telling you to help you know,
the clit's the ONLY place to go.
This is a tip for giving head;
you'll be an expert in the bed.
Women want all men to know,
Do it hard and do it slow.
Don't be lazy, this takes a while,
but it will always make her smile!
After she cums then you can fuck,
and with a little bit of luck,
your woman will be thrilled in bed,
you've finally learned to give good head!

I love to LICK IT!

Others should experience that same feeling...
Those Ladies don't know what they are missing!!!

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