Another Dream  

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10/17/2005 6:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another Dream

We went back to my big bed and we just lay there for a while like we were shy. I said I wonder why we left this bed? You said I don't know so we were just laying there talking for awhile and I said I was cold and you said here turn over and I will hold you that should help you get warm. So I did as you said. You wrapped your arms around me and held me tight. I moved a little to get comfortable and you moaned I asked you if you were ok you said yes. Then I felt you ohhh you moved up against me I rubbed my backside against you then you started to move your hands. Rubbing my arms at first then you got bold and touched my tit I closed my eyes and leaned my head back you gave me goose bumps.

You then trailed your hand down over my belly and down to my pussy hmmmmm. You used your finger just on the lips of my pussy like softly feather like touches mmmm then you went between my lips and rubbed up and down hmmmmm you were driving me crazy with your finger. You were rubbing my clit I said "omg I'm going to cum" mmmm I started to grind into your hand you pressed it harder into me omg nowwww nowwww mmmmmm. Oh God that was so good I wanted to do something for you so I asked what you would you like me to do for you so you can feel good too. You’re so hard you need relief.

You said to turn over onto my back I said ok and did it, now what I asked. You just smiled at me and said that you wanted to watch me touch my self I felt a little shy at first but you did make me feel so good so I said ok. You sat at the end of the bed and watched me I started to sit up but you said no just lay there. Start at your tits I put my hands on my tits and rubbed then you said" let me see your nipples" I moved my hands they were so hard you just had to feel you put your hand on one and rubbed I moaned mmmm. Then you leaned down and flicked your tongue over my nipple omg mmmm.

You said keep playing with them so I did, as I was kneading them you took one into your mouth ummm and sucked on it then you sat up and watched me again. I continued to play with one tit but my right hand started to descend down to my belly and I massaged my self then moved down farther. I heard you moan so I opened my eyes to see why you said "look at me" you were so big and hard. I said do you want to make love to me you said no I just want to watch and now I want you to watch me too. That's when you put your hand on your cock you said" touch your pussy baby. I used one finger and did what you did to me earlier touching softly then sliding it between my lips and moving it up and down.

I was watching you stroke your self slowly that is when I got bold and put my finger into my pussy ohhh you moaned mmmm that it baby. You moved up closer and put your finger in and took it out and licked it ohhh baby you sure taste good. I seen that you had drips of precum so I put my finger on the tip of your cock and softly rubbed it then I brought my finger to my mouth to taste ummm salty. I started to rub my clit faster and faster mmmmmm mmmm you put your finger into me as I was rubbing my clit that’s it baby work it. You were stroking faster to I said" I want you to cum with me you got between my legs and just rubbed the head of your cock on the opening of my pussy as I rubbed my clit and started to pump my hips.

You said your so wet baby you were stroking faster too mmmmmm I'm close baby you said yes so am I between moans mmmm.
You said I want to watch you cum to see it run out of you. Then you moaned mmmmmm I felt something wet you were just starting to cum you were rubbing your cock on me I watched you cum and that is when I went crazy and started to cum to ahhhhh mmmmmm. Rub faster baby that's it mmmmmm omgggggg mmmmmm ohhhhh God I'm cummmmmmming. You rubbed our juices together and licked your fingers then you rubbed again and put them to my mouth and said taste mmmmmm. We cuddled and fell off to sleep.

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