A litle bit better  

1946Lizard 70M
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6/15/2006 1:06 pm
A litle bit better

Doing better today; let me tell you this damn eye sure itches and it driving me nuts traing NOT to scratch it. My eye looks like a green olive floating in a bowl of tomatoe soup. I'm able to spend more time on line so should be adding some posts soon. I wake up horny most mornings, just obeying the docs orders..nothing strenuious for about a week or 10 days. Besides sex is in Mrs. Lizard's top 100 of things that she likes. I think I'm gonna be leaving the E.D. drugs alone too..at least for a while. I don't really need them, they make "things" a lot firmer..but give me a nasty headache, block off my sinuses and I feel my face getting puffy with them.

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