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9/20/2005 6:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I really should be in bed ‒ the alarm goes off at 3:15 again….even this rotten kitten says it is time for bed - …but i just got off the phone with a friend ‒ he just went through something okkie that made him think about the bliss of ignorance ‒ and I reminded him about the power of knowledge ‒ which lead to the following 4 thoughts I just had to “HAVE HEARD”

He had a younger, beautiful, alluring companion he had to say goodbye too. He believes her to be good in nature, heart and a wonderful person ‒ but had to make a tuff decision not to see her ‒ and found the conversation wrenching. Addiction can grip some people until; they are toxic to be around (until they get away from it). The disheartening thing was her naiveté about being his “girlfriend.” My friend has told her for months that he is no ones “boyfriend,” he has always told her if he had “plans,” at one point he backed off intimacy with her to help her get away from the attachment, and yes she had discovered evidence of the other woman/women …but still she saw his activities away from her as “cheating” when there was no promise, or intent to promise, or feelings of a promise ‒

Which lead to thought number 1 -
This is how so many of us come to AdultFriendFinder as singles. … Not for the truest sense of “swinging” (traditional couple swap) but to live some spice, to meet new people, have sexual experiences…and maybe meet something that works for a while (a while being a day, a week, a year or a lifetime) …. Most of us, single or married, think physical satisfaction and the intimacy of connecting is a vital part of a fulfilling life ‒ and some of us just want to truly enjoy our physical form why we have it -

And then thought number 2 -
I was reminded … something I kept talking about for the last week or so…I have raised my son my whole adult life. Like my WHOLE adult life. And now I have time to explore being a little wild, and free, and new people. Will I still be exploring these things and people 10 years from now ‒ oh goodness who knows….this is now ‒ life is not static ‒ ……I wish I had been wild through my twenties, settled down and was just beginning my journey of beggining a family ‒ I have so much more to offer now ‒ but that was not what life dealt me ‒ it dealt me this backwards motion …. I am definitely going to open myself up more to younger men ‒ I would love to see them enjoy their twenties and then discover how monogamy ‒ or a traditional, yet fulfilling intimate life would look like ‒ I also really enjoy taking this journey with my friend(s)…the journey for fulfillment and discovery……

Leading to thought number 3 -
One of the best compliment came my way tonight during this conversation‒ I was told I seem to be the type person that grows everyday…but I concentrate on me ‒ (my interpretation follows)

not on others…not on what I can change or what they are doing but on me ‒ and that is true ‒ not worrying about what my friends do away from me ‒ but about my time with them ‒ not how I can change a friend but how I can change me ‒ or can accept ‒ or can say goodbye ‒ well guess what chicken butt ‒ ? I think I am evolving everyday ‒ and do not worry about others I work on myself ‒ I am not righteous or right ‒ I am a total mess some days and others I am rockin’…

And thought number 4 -
For new comers this is a warrior ‒ and I write about it often ‒

curiousdenver78 35M

11/21/2005 7:25 pm

Hi there,

I really like your blog postings as you seem like a very interesting and introspective woman. I am 23 and beginning to explore my wild side a bit. I struggle to find somebody compelling to do so with and your postings struck a chord. I'd love to find somebody to share physical experiences with as well as wonderful and deep conversations while lying in bed in between our play. I have also always wanted to find somebody to help me learn and explore new things in this arena. You sound like somebody who might be that person. I really loved your comment about finding somebody to go to swinger and lifestyle clubs together so that we can flirt with others, all the while knowing that there is somebody to release all of that built up sexual energy with at the end of the night.

I am mature, intelligent, thoughtful, witty, well-educated, in shape, and attractive. I am not as sexually experienced as most my age, probably, but I have been choosy and now would like to release my wild side a bit more. I'd love to meet you and see if we have that chemistry that can develop into a wonderful intimate friendship. I can provide a pic from there and perhaps we can set something up. Regardless, thank you for your posts - they were enjoyable to read.

Atom5150 39M
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10/24/2005 1:54 pm

That is great writing... i hope you do not think 28 is on the younger side... dont let a couple bad ones mess it up for the rest of the good ones. how can i get a hold of you to chat/talk more... i think we have a lot in common. i am in Arvada... where are you?

I am just a standard member and do know how else to contact you. any ideas?

gladiotar 47M

10/2/2005 12:26 am

I will be in Denver 10/4 - 10/6 and we should talk more about this. You can reach me at mbusch007 at ya-h-00 to set up a time and exchange pics.

rm_vixenflir 58M
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9/22/2005 6:40 am

Your thoughts seem clearer these days - glad to see it! All 4 of your thoughts hit home with me and I couldn't agree more (except for the bit about the younger men - don't pass up all the cantalope just because you picked up 2 or 3 {or 6 or 7} rotten ones - hope is everywhere) Salute!

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