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If you, the reader, don’t know anything about me, let me just say that I am a merciless tease in bed. I have come to understand that making a woman have an orgasm, not only takes talent, it takes timing and intuition. Sure there is a certain skill to getting a woman off in two minutes or less, but if you have that skill, learn to use it right. Make her wait. Make her wait until she can’t handle waiting anymore. Then make her wait more. Draw it out. Watch her reactions and back off before she goes off. Play. Tease. When a woman has enough build-up before orgasm, it can be a outright biblical experience for her. And, admit it guys, that’s what we really want to be able to brag about. Wouldn’t it be so much better to say that you made a woman cum so hard that she couldn’t stand any more. I know that’s my favorite.

One problem is, I’ve only met one woman who could handle the level of ‘tease’ I bring. She LOVED it. We would go for hours teasing each other. One night, she asked me for the full treatment, and got more than she bargained for. The following is written as a story. It is all true, except where my memory has failed me in a few of the details. It is also LONG. Stephen King once gave name to an affliction I’ve come to recognize in my self: Diarrhea of the Word Processor. Since I’ve started writing, I seem to get long-winded. Read on only if you have the time.

--To set the scene, at the time I lived in a rat-hole of an apartment. Worse, it was the “party place” and my roommate was a perverted, obnoxious virgin. I found out later that he would often listen to me having sex and whack it. Considering that my girlfriend was a VERY loud girl, he got to hear a lot. Further considering that we were both insatiable, he got to hear a lot, often. In my room, I had almost no space around the 7’x7’ waterbed that dominated the floor. One side of the room had two feet of space, the other had three feet. Damn, I miss that bed.
--Sitting in the living room one night at nearly three in the morning, she stood suddenly, pulling me to my feet as well. With a devious grin, the sultry, brown-eyed brunette looked me up and down. “Tie me up and tease me relentlessly,” she said, meaning every word of it.
--At five foot three, and barely one hundred ten pounds (see photo), I would have done anything for her, but this was something I could really get into. Her long, wavy brown hair was loose, my favorite, and I ran a hand into it as I pulled her in for a kiss. With the knowledge that she liked to fight back some when she asked to be tied up, I tightened my grip on her hair–just a little–before our lips met.
--Let the taunting begin.
--Her sharp intake of breath followed by a slight moan of disappointment I heard when I stopped her was perfect. It was also exactly what she wanted when she asked for what she did. She wanted me to restrain her from the pleasure she sought. The pleasure that she knew, if left to her own devices, she would take before it could be really good.
--“Uh-uh,” I teased, holding her back with a gentle but firm grip. Her lips were parted in anticipation, and it looked so inviting I almost gave in. Almost. She had no idea what her words had brought out in me on this night. For some reason I was feeling particularly… well, for lack of a better term: myself. I’m not called “asshole” for nothing. I had a dangerous plan to tease her that night. Something that she would NEVER have thought of on her own, but that she would wish she had. It was right up her line of humor.
--Backing her into the bedroom that way; lips parted, eyes closed, and a firm grip on the back of her head making her walk almost tip-toed, she seemed to be breathless with expectation. It wasn’t until her legs bumped the edge of the bed that she opened her eyes and tried to lunge for my mouth. I got a firmer grip, and pulled her back, but not before she managed to engage in a short, desperate kiss. The forceful parting left both our mouths glistening with saliva.
--With one leg I kicked the door closed and fell on top of her, pushing her back on to the wave-prone bed. Luckily, she wasn’t into the real hard-fighting kind of bondage play, so she cooperated in maneuvering into position to tie her arms. But when I grabbed the scarves we had prepared for just such an occasion, one tied to each of the headboard posts, that’s when she began to struggle. Of course she didn’t want to win, or else why would she have waited until she was in the proper place, and I was hovering over her before launching any resistance? Expecting such a thing, I quickly pulled her shirt up over her head, restricting the movement of her arms while I completed the slipknot I was preparing in the scarf. When she struggled free of the shirt, I moved up to place a knee on her elbow, and slid the scarf over her wrist. A quick pull, and the loop closed.
--The other arm was more of a challenge.
--Once secure, and having managed to remove her shirt in the process, I began to remove the rest of her clothes. Slowly. The front clasp bra was nothing, but it couldn’t come all the way off since the restraints wouldn’t allow it. Oh, well. The half-undressed look has always been a favorite of mine. Her jeans presented a bigger problem. Since I had managed, in her opinion, to restrain her so easily, she decided to fight in another way. When I tried to slide her pants down, she spread her legs a little and pressed her butt into the bed. With the kind of tight jeans she always wore, even helping by lifting her ass was difficult enough, this was nearly impossible. Still, I managed. It took some highly inventive leverage, but the jeans finally ended up in a pile on the floor.
--Now the real fun began. Now for my horrible plan to come to light.
--Once I stripped off my own clothes, I moved up her body, admiring it all the while. She was grinning in anticipation as I eyed the parts of her I intended to pay particular attention to. I remember her bra size, 36C, but I swear she was a D. I don’t know the rest of her measurements, but if I had to guess, I would say she was a luscious 36-28-34. There was a great deal to admire.
--Once at the top, I began to breathe on her. Moving my mouth over her neck, her ears, her lips, chin, collar-bone, without ever actually touching. I let my body hover above hers, brushing lightly, but again, never making real contact. In return, she arched and strained to make that connection, moaning her displeasure at being denied. Ever so slowly I worked my way down the length of her like this. Blowing and tickling, but not touching. Over her shoulders, and upper chest. She nearly went wild when I did pause for a taste of a nipple. It was only a taste, and the resulting shiver that ensued when I blew a cooling breath across the newly moistened nipple was ever so satisfying.
--Downward my mouth roamed, my eyes locked on hers as she strained to see what I wasn’t quite doing to her. When I got low enough, she parted her legs expectantly, pushing forward as I brought my head in closer. Did she really think, after all that teasing, that I would suddenly dive right in? If she did, she was very wrong that night. Again I blew cool air on her, and again she shivered erotically. A rather loud moan escaped her lips when I placed a finger on either side of her sweet valley and lightly parted her. I watched her head drop back on the pillow as I drew ever closer to tasting her. And taste her I did.
--One, impossibly light flick of the tongue on the very top of her clit, then I moved back.
--Sliding my way down the rest of her body, I came to the end of the large bed and sat there. With my back against the wall, and legs crossed out in front of me, I picked up the book I had been reading at the time, and opened it. I think I was reading Stephen King’s “The Stand” then, but that’s not important right now. Her reaction is what counts here, right?
--She went NUTS! Straining and fighting against the scarves. By my own forethought, I had placed myself an inch or two out of kicking distance, but she tried anyway. For my part, I sat there pretending like nothing was going on in the room except my reading. She fought, struggled, cursed me, my family, and everyone I ever knew or would meet. Let me tell you, this girl could swear. She had a talent for it like no other I’ve ever met, and I got to hear some of the worst that night.
--A few minutes later, slightly expended from her tantrum-like outburst, she stopped and I finally acknowledged her. “Did you want something?” I asked.
--Her response came through clenched teeth. “Untie me and you’ll find out what I want.” Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever been faced with the fury of a Cherokee-Italian woman before, but I don’t recommend it.
--Calmly, I tried to play innocent. “Did you, or did you not, ask me to tie you up and tease you relentlessly?”
“Yes,” she said, jaw still clenched. Suddenly her struggles resumed. “But you know what I meant!”
--“Do you feel sufficiently teased?” I asked, slipping my bookmark back into place.
--She quieted, blinking. I could almost see the thought process she was having. ‘If I kill him, I’m not getting laid tonight.” And then… ‘If I’m calm for a while, maybe he’ll let me loose and I can get him then.’
--I sensed that my joke had gone on long enough, and began to work my way back up her body. This time I used actual kisses and nibbles. Light and teasing, but touching. I started at her instep, purposely not looking at her, wanting to let her anger transform into passion. When my tour of the highlights on her body concluded at the back of her neck, and I went to kiss her panting lips, I could tell that any thought of revenge was gone. She was all about the excitement again.
--With her eyes closed, my hard kiss startled her. At the same time I let my weight come against her. It was the first thing I had done with any real pressure since the struggle with the restraints earlier. The reaction I got was one of stunned surprise and grinding passion. One of her biggest turn-ons was feeling my hard member against her leg, or belly, or ass. She would press up against me and moan like it caused her to orgasm. This was no exception. Feeling how ready I was for her made her strain against the scarves to pull me closer. I could tell that she wanted me to kiss her harder, press against her harder, and I complied.
--I judged the time as being right to give her more action. This was a woman who liked it hard and semi-rough. Nothing extreme, just a bit of spanking, gentle biting, and being gripped and fondled in a firm manner. That, and fucked so hard that she got another spanking just from our bodies slapping together. I left most of our encounters with a scratched, stiff back and a satisfied grin. That night, I did my best to make her orgasm wait. I licked and nibbled, flitted my tongue across her tender areas and moved away. Responded to her moans and straining attempts to keep me where I was by going on to completely different areas.
--When the moment finally came to enter her, I made her completely helpless by lifting her legs up and placing them against my chest. She was pinned beneath me, and unable to thrust against the hard member that she could clearly see floating a mere inch away from where she wanted it. She tried anyway, but her legs being where they were, it only pushed me further away.
--Her dark eyes rose to mine. “Please?” she asked so pleadingly that to this day I have no idea why I didn’t gush right then.
--“Not just yet,” I said, taking one hand and guiding the thick head of my member into her slick tender folds. Sliding it up and down, I got it good and wet before rubbing it against her sensitive clit. Working it vertically, I let just the head slip in before pulling back and rubbing the clit with it. I could feel her orgasm coming closer again, so I stopped, breaking all contact.
--Right in her ear I said, “Now,” and placed my throbbing dick at her opening. Ever so slowly I entered her. By then she was so wet that I didn’t need to stroke it in slowly to share the lubrication between us. It slid all the way home in one stroke and she cried out in instant orgasm. Feeling her pulsing around me, I began a rhythmic thrusting, keying in on her timing and pushing as she came. Before it got too far, she grabbed a pillow, and with some of the slack she had worked in to the scarves, covered her mouth and screamed uncontrollably. Her legs shuddered against my chest as I drove into her again and again.
--After a time, I saw her head begin to shake from side to side and knew she was getting too sensitive to continue. I backed off to shallow strokes; just dipping the head in to her. Slower, teasingly. The pillow came away, and she grinned happily, still moaning softly, eyes still squeezed shut.
--Slick with her juices, I surprised her by plunging deep again. Just once. She gasped, eyes popping open, and shuddered richly when I returned to my shallow rhythm. After a time, I did it again with a similar response. Within minutes I could see the signs in her that she was ready to cum again, and I knew I wasn’t going to hold out much longer either.
--With a mixture of shallow teasing and unexpected thrusts I brought us both to trembling, mutual orgasm. My hot pulses came in time with her grinding, clenching wails. To stifle her screams, we kissed deep and hard as the juices flowed and mingled between us.
--It was only the first round of a very long, long night, but I already felt that I had done a great job. Still, the next wasn’t too shabby either. Ah, memories.

The End.

rm_loneremily 33F
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8/1/2006 8:23 pm

She sounds much prettier than I do, friend.

rm_aranayd replies on 9/3/2006 8:36 pm:
You don't know that for sure.

grEEnEyEgirl4 32F

8/16/2006 4:30 pm

That's a nice one to have in your memories. I sure don't have one that hot.

rm_aranayd replies on 9/3/2006 8:36 pm:
Maybe we can change that.

1deltafox 51M/47F

9/12/2006 11:17 am

Yep, gotta go change my panties now!

rm_aranayd replies on 9/12/2006 2:56 pm:
That was a really intense night. Just writing it down, I had to do something similar.

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