What a man does; What a woman thinks......  

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8/6/2005 12:00 pm

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What a man does; What a woman thinks......


All to often,it seems that our actions or state-
ments can have unanticipated results long after
they are forgotten. I have first hand experience
with this scenario,and I'd like to get some other
opinions or perhaps hear of similar stories of
alternate interpretations.....

I had just gotten divorced...Needless to say
I had a lot of issues to deal with and I was less
than prepared for some of them...Due to financial
chaos/IRS assault,I went to work tending bar so
I could "fly under the tax radar" for a while,
not to mention the social possibilities.
For a while,I became a "born again virgin",I
wanted to bring some order back to my reality and
I didn't want to complicate things by starting a
rebound relationship or whatever...This bar I
worked at was about 50' from the beach,and had
the clientele you would expect for that location.
Lots of opportunities were lost or unnoticed as
I worked on my headtrips,but eventually I came to
my senses.

When I finally figured it was time to reenter
the pool,it seemed to be suddenly suffering a dry
season...bone dry. Lotsa friends, not a benefit in
sight. NADA,ZIP,ZERO... Now I'm really confused..
Finally,just as calluses were beginning to
form(you know where) I had the good fortune of
meeting my new neighbors,a pair of "bisexual les-
bians" and proud of it. After a bit of a probation
period I became a member of the approved list..
That meant that every week or 2 when the girls
were in their men good cycle, my self and a friend
would get the phone call that meant naked drunken
debauchery for the next 48 hrs. Then get out.
Not a bad deal,really. Excellent actually.
but all good things must end,and they moved away.
Once again I was in the Sahara. Finally one night
while well lubricated I spilled the mess out to
an ex of a friend of mine. I was in a total state
of shock, panic notwithstanding, when, without a
hint of hesitation, she says"dude,we all thought
In hindsight, I guess I Fueled the myth...
turned down advances,hung out with the guys, had
the beach pad with 2 other guys(1 a receptionist,
not gay either) etc. etc. Just like it takes $ to
make $, I guess it Takes At least 1 verified
woman to be eligable for another...Who Knew?

So my question is: How long does a woman
allow for some kind of response before the rumor
mill starts to apply the "stuck way up" or the
"must be gay" labels to the profile review?

14u24me34all Heterosexual Tendencies Intact

Thanks for the Psychological evaluation!

Lies! Lies!, I demand a retest!!!

rm_jayR63 59F
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8/6/2005 8:41 pm

I think it depends on the life experience of the judge.
I went swimming at the lake the other day and saw a guy I had seen there before.
On the first occaision, he asked me how the water was and offered to help carry my things to the jeepster.

This second time, I heard him ask another woman how the water was.
I figured this must be his "line".
Then I looked at him.
From the bottom up.
Cut off shorts. Knee length. OK.
Wife beater undershirt. Uh-oh.
Takes jeans off.
So, he's a nice polite gay man making pleasant conversation.

Seeing you in your situation, I would probably say straight, poor, and probably has a girlfriend.

14u24me34all 51M
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8/6/2005 11:27 pm

worth mucho dinero in this neighborhood in the right shape...
I've restored a '47 2A and a '53 3B,(lived not too far from where you
live at the time) Love those Willys,wish I still had one...
Did you see John Stossel/ABC report on Gaydar Fri. night? I think it
was a rerun actually......Damn, All these speedos/no place to wear em!

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