Meanwhile,Back At The Ranch...  

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1/4/2006 10:35 pm

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Meanwhile,Back At The Ranch...


Almost five months...Seems like a lifetime ago...
One day words flow like water from a tap, the next...I don't know exactly when it happened,maybe after Katrina,more likely in the lack of answers after, I'm not sure...I just know that I lost something...My sense of humor. I didn't notice it at first, for a time it would have been out of place. But eventually I looked to draw on it, and it was gone. My humorous side was gone.
I can't explain why,I've always had something funny to say (some would call me a smart ass)but I now find myself at a loss. Is it age?..I don't feel any older,ditto for maturity and no change in substance abuses or lack of..(hey, that was kind of funny, right?)No, I think I just took a good long look around and I realized I didn't like what I saw.
That said, what can you do about it,where do you start? ...OK you're right,thats a cop out,pick up a phone book, look up a number, and volunteer..
But I don't, and I can't say if I ever will....thought and action like two ships passing in the night. But everything starts with a thought, and perhaps if enough people think the same way two paths will cross resulting in action.
Maybe someone will cross my path and I'll do something positive...I hope so...I hate being's just not constructive, it just isn't the person I should be. Time for 14 to get his groove back...Help Wanted: Inquire Here...

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1/28/2006 10:32 am

DUDE! Where were you? *HUG*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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