"Who Is It? Dave!! Dave?,DAVE'S NOT HERE!!!  

14u24me34all 51M
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7/2/2005 4:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"Who Is It? Dave!! Dave?,DAVE'S NOT HERE!!!

OK,I can figure this handle thing out,I mean how
hard can it be,I beat the licence plate gauntlet,
and they only give you seven blanks,this should be
a no brainer....
nowGOkatGO..clicksubmitwait...my sources say no
Sorry,Elvis can't get in the building either...
Come on now,let me in...Sorry,already in database
lilpglilpglemein...Not by the hair on my...
chnnychnchn chn1, chn2,3,4..Blew your house down
I can't believe there's 2 million peeps on this
runaway train and every damn one of em took 1 of my ideas!! fktyivjdjhubhjfnf...001,oo2,999..not today.... I need a break from this Mensa buster.
Turn on the tube,an oz. or 3 of JD up hold the glass,thank you. THEN THE OPRAH/LIGHTBULB MOMENT!
From tv: "Hark,doth that be you Dartagnian?"
Whoa,Beavis,it's those gay dudes with the swords...cool! Uhmmn..I think the gay dude with the sword was zorro,butthead....Oh yeah..Zorro!,the gay blade..ahuh,ahuh yeah,yeah,
zorro,zorro,zorro! hnh,hnhhnh hey Butthead,these are those dudes with the candy bars..Beavis ,you dumbass,Pamela Anderson has the mounds bar...no,no,no,the three mustgetears,buttmunch..oh yeah,cool ,ahuh ahuh mmmmyeah,cool,hnh hnh hnhhnh..." THUNK (Forehead hitting keyboard)...I seize the moment,typing furiously away with 1 finger"14allall41"..clicksubmitwait...loser..aargh
14u24me34all..c l i c k ...s u b m i t ...w a i t
rumblerumblerumbleflashflashflashety TA DA!!! [background music:God save the Queen]Screen:WELCOME 14u24me34all!! Leaning back in my chair ,ear to ear grinning (cheshire cat style)and my last conscious thought before napjerks takeover:"Yep, we gonna get ourselves into some serious sex now bro,know what I'm sayin'?" THUNK..

chazity20 38F  
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1/3/2006 7:21 am

lol ok that is cute i like that but just to let you know i did get the understanding of your name lol....it is just easyer to say 14...


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