"NOBODY'S PERFECT.....(Are They?)"  

14u24me34all 51M
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7/21/2005 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"NOBODY'S PERFECT.....(Are They?)"

A 3 Dressed up as a 9...
"I was stoked. I had been drawn to this girl
for the 2 weeks or so since she started coming to
the bar I was working at. Kind of exotic looking
but not trying to be, if that makes any sense...
The kind of look that could be from almost any
place, Russian maybe,or mediterranean,maybe a
bit oriental,possibly middle east,native american
perhaps? Didn't matter now,she wants to hang out
when I close the bar...always a good sign.
Kicked out the stragglers at 2:00am, cash out,
clean up,all the while keeping my guest well sup-
plied with beverages... Played some pool,then the
money shot....put on some NIN and put some change
in the video game..."Select Game" How about....
Sex Trivia? OK (don't laugh,for a quarter you can
get someone you never met before discuss their
fellatio technique before they even know your name)...Half hour later I'm at her house. So far
so good......
Then the train left the track...I guess I
should have known something was wrong when, after
shedding her clothes (out of sight,mine)she asked
me to turn out the lights before she came back out
from the bedroom...I did, but then she blew out
the candles....but there isn't a room dark enough
to make this picture right...without going into
details,lets just say that this was a classic ex-
ample of "the clothes make the woman" YIIIIKKES!!
That was my first bona-fide deal breaker....
Heavens to murgetroid,exit stage right..gone!!
She was a three dressed up as a nine..... I guess
I should have settled for a BJ at the bar....at
least there was alcohol...
Saw a T-shirt that sums it up: SHE LOOKED
GOOD LAST NIGHT! But hey,nobody's perfect.....

Names were changed to protect the guilty
14u24me34all y'all be cool,right,yeah.

PS Ever have a Deal Breaker of your own? Tell us
about it.....we won't tell!

14u24me34all 51M
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7/23/2005 8:48 am

LL4U2-Had asimilar situation once, but the "secret" revealed itself
on the dancefloor of a club in Guam....I hadn't made the association
with the club's name..."The White Swallow" ....Hey,I was young and
dumb,what can I say?

SFW-Played that machine often,had high score for a long time,it came
in handy knowing most of the answers when playing for drinks or???

rm_jayR63 59F
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7/23/2005 9:13 am

Only men have that kind of deal breaker story.

My deal breakers occur long before any clothing is removed.

That dog is cute.
Rule no.1-don't insult the dog.

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