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7/7/2005 1:24 pm

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"Gotcha! Well,actually,got me... Short post now,
1 mo. extension!
Well, it didn't go away, but it ain't here right now! The Key:go to a different clerk each time,
at least your excuse isn't worn out if you use it
sparingly....What is the statute of limitations on
a traffic ticket? Wow,only 32 more clerks and I'm
home free.....

Ltn_Babe 41F

7/8/2005 8:21 pm

And so I see that there is still someone out there that is ALIVE and can get moved by a simple frustrated opinion that is irrelavent RiGHT after its written!!!!
Maybe it was a little tough of me to generalize... but in any case it's part of sharing space with the holder of the 7 deadly strawberries! LOL

Plus Mr. "J" I was agreeing with you not against you!!! I was simply sharing my own point of view which sometime can be many!!! not all accepted... but that ok!
No pointing fingers unless the jacket fits...which is directed to some people I have actually met... I was speaking from short experience.....YET still willing to meet people.

And as far as males and females being friends? point well taken... heard the same line from a FOXY friend I saw last night ... said the same thing!

Since you are one of many decent guys I bet your mail box status is going to change real soon (crotch snap shots, crossing my fingers for you) lol

Still charming.... still easily moved.... still cool... not too bad!!! two thimbs up!!

BING Cherries ALWAYS! Sometimes we have to improv and move on to the next eye catching thing!!! a new marketing effect, what do u think? working? (will always be the strawberry girl though.... wink!)


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