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7/13/2006 7:56 pm

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8/8/2006 12:04 am

Okay as predicted.. Suppose Women abusing AdultFriendFinder users hadn’t got the clue. Maybe they didn’t get the picture or Full spectrum of my attitude towards standard contacts... perhaps our true members in AdultFriendFinder will look into women abusing men not only in wanting to see but mainly taking a little bit closer look into just how the communication process goes about at all, without having to jump through any more credit briefings to just plainly chat a lil bit. But lets just focus on something for a short bit.. The money and cost.. Its not worth it plainly.

I could considerably care less about viewing or even seeing more descriptive pictures from a profile I see in AdultFriendFinder. So far it has been all based off of pictures as a main demand for these sites for these biased sex site promotions. ( the main drag to the site is that they have no idea who they are talking to even afterwards.. But Las don’t look anything like who they are in AdultFriendFinder? Standard contacts have constantly used some sites like these free sex key profiles site enter credit card information get free shit as a second means of contact. Which is totally absurd, un discrete, very un polite, and also truly slandering. ( If you only knew what was capable with these companies that gather credit card info.) Not alone know for sure these sites that give free shit is the company that actually charges you. For the free subscription per say..

I understand the nature of women taking an easy, and generally try to follow that rule as well. But time again I see plainly the rules of harassment and slander tossed my way! Which is very unfair for even trying what I give out..

I am generally a very nice man. Unless you come across my path doing something I strongly prohibit. One of them as such suggesting AdultFriendFinder is a “personals only site.” Something that actually takes a bit of looking into to find for one, and also something that take s a lot of courage to become.

Demanding I jump off my coarse to suite you better right away isn’t happiness baby.. Its just plainly kinda scary yah’ Standard.

I have my personals, don’t get me involved in yours unless you can fill the bill on the second email.. That includes the 3 day free trail to sex sites prornoe hooks and any extra garbage someone would get. And also the many other email addys he or she has to add to manipulate you into seeing the silver Gold certified member at AdultFriendFinder.. Who you had already forgotten about.. But just want..

Or maybe you just forget the bill and answer the fucking email like any other person would ? Let me decide if I want to keep talking to you or not?

fucking girls are so fucking cheapoe, ludicrous, anarchy, sniveling lil’ bi atches self indulged, flaming no gooder pieces of shit’s they insist I go get a free sex key sites it pisses me off im so horney I cant wait to go anywhere I have no credit to even publish and don’t want to fuck anything but a girl so fuck you AdultFriendFinder for keeping these kikes in the system!!!

They insist I go to another site to contact them? Go to site to confirm my ID ? Go to a site to do that.. Blah Blah Blah

What am I confirming if all things at these site they ask of me? my age ? LoL no Responsibility...

confirm age only?!1 ... Q&A (Q And A says There worse than a man asking to chat out blank) When they them selves cant even follow the simple rules AdultFriendFinder has in place to secure proper attitude or conduct. Example: it is illegal to gather information illegally.....

Responsibility Q&A (Q And A says Girl I have so much of that When I turned 18 I told the military I would do whatever they wanted just as long as I got credit for it) Even as such to this day except the white lie here and there, I am fully unacceptably heroic, but take credit for it... LoL Example: I pay my fines, tuition, and rate for being a GOLD/Silver member.

Standard contacts are a ludicrous idea to gather more members of interest, and hopefully I will never be a women in standard contact mode.... if I was would someone hang me!@! please?

I know if I found a man that was, I would hang him.

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