one long time fantasy finally fulfilled  

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5/16/2006 3:35 pm

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one long time fantasy finally fulfilled

I had never cum in someone's mouth, so I was tense and had trouble letting go. But I concentrated, and I remembered that she said she liked this and wanted to feel for herself my volume and force. So I began to ease up. Difficult, though! My chest, my shoulders, my thighs... every muscle was spasming and quaking, electrified by her mouth working magic on me, and still I wasn't feeling the force from deep inside that signals a tidal wave coming.

And then I finally stopped feeling selfconscious about what was to happen, and I gave myself over to the sensation. Her tongue was so wild about my cockhead, and her lips so perfectly deep-massaging my shaft.

And then I felt it. Deep inside myself, the stirring. That quickening deep inside, some hidden, dark pool welling up, and then flooding over. And then I felt the sensitivity in my cock give way to faint pulsations signalling the beginning. Get ready. Then the thickening force from down under began to well up inside my body... I sensed the fullness in my shaft as it began to rise, and then the "set up" and then suddenly I was able to burst forth warm white icing, blast after long blast.

I felt her swallow hard the first couple times I burst forth. I was amazed she didn't flinch or gag. She was enjoying it, and that made me all the more excited, and then I could force more up.

But then she wasn't swallowing. Then she was carefully "saving." I have a great volume. And I have strong force, able to shoot five feet horizontally while kneeling. These blasts did not sway her. She was holding it all in quite easily.

After 6 or 7 good blasts, I was subsiding already. I was disappointed. I *know* I can go 10-11, and this was not my best. I wanted my best for her. I wanted so much to show off for her. But this would have to do. Darn.

Thinking about that, I completely forgot what she was going to do. Sucking and lip-squeegee-ing the last bits, and without spilling any as far as I could tell, she carefully sucked slowly clear of my softening shaft with a final "mmm-mup" sound, and then immediately came up to give me a kiss.


Did *I* make all THAT? So much was in my mouth at once, and her frisky tongue pushing it into mine.

The combination of saliva and my own cum made her tongue deliciously slick. I worked hard to "clean" it with my own mouth, but my own mouth was well coated, my tongue inundated with cum, its slickness delicious and long-lasting.

Finally, her tongue was a bit less slick, as before. And we kissed for many more minutes until almost all the flavor was gone, and the simple deliciousness of her own lips and tongue were again mine to enjoy.

When I thought our lips would be absolutely chapped from too long kissing, we took a short break, parting lips slowly, then looking into each other's eyes as we opened them.

Full light. Early evening in a city park. No one around my truck aware of what we too had just done.

That right there, that right *there* was an awesome moment, seeing her eyes sparkle above that broad smile of satisfaction for having so well satisfied me. Mutual admiration and gratitude and simple indulgence, enjoying each other. I asked softely if it had been has she hoped. And she simply nodded, hissing softly, yessssss.

She picked up a towel to wipe a little bit of cum from my lip and chin that had dribbled down during the initial transfer. Then she dabbed around her own lips.

I offered her a mint, which, as she declined immediately, I thought was a foolish move on my part in hindsight. Who would want to "erase" this moment, this taste, this long time fantasy fulfilled, with an overpowering mint?

Let it linger. Let it linger. And into my most vivid memories, let it remain for ever as clear as it is now.

Thank you, beautiful woman. Thank you. I am so lucky to have met you. So lucky.

I am the world's most fortunate man. And every day seems to get better and better. Surely, I owe you something for this. How can a man be so happy!

You are truly amazing. All women, unique beauties to me, but you have carved a place in my heart and my mind forever. Your cheery personality. Your most amazing life of rising above turmoil. Your incredibly optimistic outlook on life. And now, this? Wow. WOW!

You are just too much!

Wherever I am, you are there, too. You are a piece of me. I hope I am as much a piece of you.


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