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12pups 55M
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7/8/2006 8:32 am
lots more but...

We have so many themes we played with... feather boas, county fair ribbons (best of show?), various insertions.... and then just plain, wonderful, labial spreads... natural, swollen, apart, together....

Some people don't get this. I don't get them. It's so exciting and beautiful. Emblem of Woman. Mysterious, unique to each... breathtaking beauty.

The beauty of each person, of each part of each person, indescribeable, delicious, sensuous....

Why so hidden? Why do we hide so much?

Maybe if it were exposed all the time, then we'd never stop to notice? Don't we do that to each other right now? Look around you. Look at the eyes, eyebrows, apples of cheeks, white teeth, smooth skin, shapely profile, curves, glows, luminescence of the people near you right now.

Look at yourself. See yourself. I mean really see yourself. If you were with me, I'd see it. What would I see? What is the bow of your lip? What is the tip of your tongue? What is the shape of your right annular finger's nail? How long is your thumb? What is your wrist like? If

I kissed beneath your chin, what would you taste like? Behind your ear? Your brow? Your shoulder? Your breast?

Woman... the essence of all these smells and tastes and textures bear the concentrate of you... here... in this part. It is you a 1000 times stronger than the septum of your scalp. And as varied as all the tastes of all parts of you.

It is the metaphor of all the power and pleasure and mystery and pain a woman is, endures, yields.

No wonder whole religions had been based on it. No wonder.

I am glad to have had this opportunity. I would have been satisfied not to have it, to just be with this woman. She is magnificent. But to then be this for her,....

No words.

I won't touch that with words.


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