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6/1/2006 11:41 am

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Look. She's *not* a slut.

Let me show you the difference. I have had the immense pleasure and privilege of an AdultFriendFinder friendship with a beautiful, vibrant 36-year-old redheaded single mother, whose awe of sexuality, and sudden freedom to pursue it, electrifies the air about her. She glows!

To hear her talk about the men she meets! She just reels off the details... how handsome they are, what their lips taste like, the size and abilities of their "manhood," how they massage....

I am envious of her. Few men can gather as much attention as she. And I marvel at her. I just love her joy right now, how excited she is right now. She has had such a difficult time. Who doesn't know how hard it can be for a single mother with three kids leaving an alocholic abuser?

So she's free. And she's carefully selecting "safe" encounters with men who treat her like the beautiful woman and precious human being she is. Like me, when they meet her for the first time, they stand aghast and get real humble in the presence of her glow. She is a treasure! She has to spend the first hour trying to relax them. She's very nurturing, I guess.

And when they start kissing, and touching, and hormones take their course... well, for her, it's like it's all new again. She is "Whitmanesque" about what she feels and sees and does, and what they do.

And she tells me. And I just smile at how childlike and innocent she is, like a young girl in her first love.

Until she worried that she was being a slut. She said in college she was called that. It hurt. And she said it was different then. Back then, she did anything for validation and acceptance. She kind of agrees she was a slut -- by *that* definition.

I know there are some women who wear the word like a badge. I do not mean to offend them. But the connotation this time doesn't apply. It just doesn't apply to this woman at this time in her life. She is exploring her sexuality and the possible ways to experience it with a complete innocence. No matter what she is exploring: bi-curious, MMF or FMF, or a little rough.... These are things she felt prohibited from and refrained from during marriage. Now the gates are lifted, and she's racing the wind, hair blowing back, laughing, enjoying a sample of all.

Slut? I don't think so. There is a freshness and innocence there that just doesn't fit the term.

She'll marry again, eventually, but she has to do this first. And the clock is ticking. She feels that.

Next guy calls her a slut gets a private conference with me when she's not present. He'll either stop wanting to call her that, or no longer will be able to.

(ooo... feel the testosterone...hehehe)


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