Bad Ass Cat  

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Bad Ass Cat

This is really cool...

Coco the Fat Cat: A Local Legend
As told by S. Villiotis

One in a lineage of seasoned alley cats, Coco, adopted by the Villitois family
shortly after his birth on April 12th, 1985, grew to run the meanest gang on Cocoa Beach’s Kent Drive. Through years of running the crew and protecting the streets, many a tragedy and triumph would contribute to the legend of this great beast.

In 1987 his trajectory was slowed when his owner Gail ran over his hind legs and tail. As he lay in seclusion for two weeks under a neighbor’s bush with his brother Sandy standing sentinel, his owners braced for bad news. But Coco miraculously sprung back into action as the don of the drive.

Later, in 1993, Coco couldn’t limit himself to the rule of one street - he had to conquer the neighborhood. He hopped unseen into the back of the Villiotis truck as it pulled out one day, and claimed Sunrise Restaurant as his next battleground. Alas, the party was never destined to last. For three months, as his owners despaired, Coco endured starvation and succumbed to the mighty temptation of “scrap drugs.” One day, as the elder Villiotis was leaving Sunrise, Coco appeared as from a dream and hitched a ride back to his kingdom on Kent Drive and things went back to normal on the old block. But nothing could prepare Coco for what was to happen next. As he was taking his daily stroll through his old domain, his feline senses tingled with foreboding. He ran as fast as he could back to his castle grounds to find his brother Sandy laying motionless in the drive - the victim of an errant automobile. Coco was never the same. The once reckless marauder was
transformed into a humble, loving creature.

Year after year, surgery after surgery, nothing keeps Coco down. He’s a reminder of how we should always persevere, move forward, and never complain. His lust to hold onto a fading life inspires the best of us. His twenty years of service to the neighborhood are unparalleled.

Coco turned twenty last April leaving many to ask if he was immortal. Some say yes - some say no. What is sure is that the legend of Coco will live on forever.

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