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6/23/2006 4:13 pm

“You know how we do” a short phrase to state that we Blacks do things differently. We add life, expression, fun to the things that we do. Corporate America tries to tame this but found it necessary to incorporate the essences of us into their marketing. Do you think McDonalds just started calling themselves Mickey D’s. Your average sitcom’s aare in some case starting to pick up some Black traits to show how hip they are. My favorite show where the Black character is a natural part of the show, where he wasn’t added to satisfy the black community or show we’ve got blacks is the “King of Queens.” The black character “Deacon” is just as integral to the show as “Norton” was to Jackie Gleason.

The interaction between the two is as natural as me talking to my best friend. Color barely comes into play and when it does it is equally natural, almost sublime. I didn’t bring this up to discuss one of my favorite shows. I was in KFC yesterday with two Women friends from work and I had to place my order and the manager came over to assist me. She had the cutest smile and as I noticed the wedding ring, I went back to the cutest smile and asked about an “unadvertised 4 piece wing special.” My co-worker decided to intervene in my behalf and was telling the manager what I wanted, when she was cut off. Like a mother bird protecting her egg, she indicated that she was aware of what I wanted (if she only knew) and that she would take care of me. Then she went back to that award winning smile and completed my order. Making sure that my needs were addressed before she let me go. I felt satisfied with the service and we left.

Any other non-black manager would have just listen to my co-worker explain what I wanted and completed my order in a totally professional manner and I still would have been satisfied, in this case I felt special.

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