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7/6/2006 6:11 pm

Another pet hate is with single guys announcing, "NO STRINGS ATTACHED"!! Do they even know what they are saying, as a heck of a lot of them get on here and suddenly it sprouts from their mouth.

I`ve never met too many single guys, especially those under 30 who have never been married before that actually want a relationship or something more serious. Since when would a woman look at a guy and go..."Awwww, I dunno, he seems rather clingy, needy even...better not, I`m sure he`ll pop the question on the first date, THEN there`ll be trouble" Yeah.....riiiiiiiiggghhhhtttt!

You don`t think at all when you write your profile, now do ya! You see a whole bunch of other mugs sprouting that bull, you don`t know yourself, so fark it huh. Man, they are probably as unsuccessful on this site as you`ll be, so think dammit. It`s sex, sex does not mean, I`m in lurve, most women and men get that, cut your string

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