A Great Way to Break the Ice. (Part I)  

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4/16/2005 5:49 pm

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A Great Way to Break the Ice. (Part I)

A few weeks ago I met up with this nice young lady. We chatted on the phone for about a week. She was talkative, interesting and had a pleasant sense of humor over the phone.

She and I both live in the city and decided to go out for a few drinks after work. I left work a bit early that day, went home took a shower and then went over to the local bar to have a few drinks to unwind. About an hour after my arrival she entered the bar looking great. She was all done up in a spring summer skirt (god I love those) she had great legs, a beautiful smile and eyes that sparkled.(She's a head turner but won't blow you away.) This is good quality in my eyes.

When she walked through the door I wasn't sure if this was the girl I was meeting because we met through a new/free online casual encounter type site (plugstar dot com) without including our pictures. I recommend you post something to see the responses you will receive. Registration is not required, which is nice. Kudos to them! I like to be able to paint a picture through conversation first because over the years I've noticed myself judging people unfairly. I think I have missed some opportunities because of this.

So when this girl walked through the door she walked right past me without saying a thing and went directly to the bar tender. So I said to myself- that's not her. But I was wrong! About five minutes later the bar tender brings me a VT and said compliments of the blue eyed lady over there. This made me happy. Great way to introduce yourself! She must have ask the bar tender if any of the 5 guys (myself included) was waiting for anyone. I know the bar tender and I previously told him I was meeting a blind date. She also had an idea of what I looked like through our conversations.

Anyway's, I was impressed by her method of introduction. This broke the ice. If you think about it meeting up with a blind date can sometimes be awkward. I recommend this method. The night was a success and I have to say that if she didn't pull this trick out the night most likely would have been totally different. We were playful from the get-go and conversation seem to flow.

I will discuss the second half of the blind date tomorrow and there will be some juicy details.

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