Brawls in public places  

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4/28/2005 6:01 am

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Brawls in public places

My air-con in the car is low on gas so no cool breeze for me. Opening the window is no use coz there is no brezee out there.The only air available is the one that i'm inhaling and exhaling.Ihave sweated endllessly.

I know that by the time i get to the meeting i'm heading i will have sweated,my hair will have bourne it's own brain and done it's own thing and probably my clothese stiking on me.

Finally i reach to the point at which traffic is being caused and gues what!!!!it's a young couple smack in the middle of the road arguing.Kid you not! (as told to me by the young boy selling peanuts by the road side)started because the young felloe driving had forgot to fix a previous punture.

I usually get mad to pple who drive at 2km\h as they are busy staring at what they fancy. This time i was the one driving real slow and quite frankly forgot that i had a job to do.Really why do pple chose to air their laundry in public?

I know we have all done this at one pont but pliz lear to pick places in which to do it!!
I got late for my meeting coz of the BRAWL IN PUBLIC PLACES.

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