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3/3/2006 1:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You are submissive,
Not out of lack of options
But out of desire.

It heats you to be overpowered,
It comforts you to be owned.
Iyou are nothing if not sensual,
you walk, pelvis-forward, from the hips.
you are na beauty, and men notice you...

You are not His because no Other would have you.
your will is huge, contrary, immense,
Your intellect is your fortress, your defense...

His will is stronger, His mind, more assured,
The first you have known to outthink this head of yours.

You love sex, you love to fuck..
Seperate from love, or with, your pussy
is your control.

Now, without Him, sex is empty, just a function.
His enjoyment makes you complete.

You are a submissive.

There is such freedom in this role.
Pain stimulates you.it also calms you.

In that 'space', you find the quiet that is no place else.

Am I submissive, or His submissive?

Both. He awakened this once unnamed quality.

you are His, you are also your own.

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