Just where the HELL did you learn to drive???  

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10/8/2005 6:48 pm

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Just where the HELL did you learn to drive???

Ok.....this is gonna be a major peeve/vent blog. LOL I have been in Alaska for 4 years now. I drive a truck and NEVER EVER take out the hitch. Since I've been here, my hitch has munched 4 vehicles (not from my backing up either). The last vehicle with which I had a close encounter totalled the car I was driving. And get this.......I was in a freakin parking lot!!

So today, I'm heading out to go get tires and what happens? Some guy in a teeny little Honda decides, "Hey, I need to turn left." No big, you think.....except he's three damn lanes to the right of the lane he needs to be in. Instead of turning his head (yes, God put your head on a NECK so it can TURN), he just flies on over. I had to slam on the brakes and swerve to miss him as did the two other vehicles he cut off.

Do they not teach people to LOOK before changing lanes?? Merely glancing in your mirror isn't going to cut it because there ARE blind spots. Signals--do people think they're freakin Christmas lights?? Lane changes--what's so hard about preparing for your turn AHEAD of time instead of 30 feet prior to your turn? Parking--OMG....This one totally cracks me up. I work downtown and watch people park all the time. It blows me away how someone can't parallel park a car that's all of 10 feet in a 30 foot space. (Ok, slight exaggeration, but not too far off.)
If you CAN'T park it, maybe you shouldn't be DRIVING it.

And what is it with the "I gotta be first" attitude? I am consistently cut off by some idiot who could have easily just pulled in behind me because NO ONE WAS BEHIND me!!

Oh yeah.....if you can't walk and chew gum at the same time.......what the HELL makes you think you can drive, talk on the phone, smoke, and drink coffee all at once???? I've even been behind the idiot doing all this AND trying to put her makeup on as she drives! Makes me wish for a steamroller so I could just flatten the problem sometimes. LOL

People talk about drivers in Los Angeles or New York, but I've driven both and never had the frustrations I have here. There are times I wish we had "dumb ass driver season". If they almost cause an accident because they were that unobservant...blam! Problem solved. hehehehe

Some of the things I see drivers do up here just blow me away. People are hurt and sometimes die because of one person's stupidity or inability to pay attention.

I'm not the world's perfect driver, but you sure won't see me putting on makeup while driving, cutting across three lanes of traffic to turn at the last minute, rear-ending someone in a drivethru because I have to see just how fast I can clear 3 feet, nor will you see me pretending my signals don't exist.

There, I feel better now. hehe

100percntnocnt 49F

10/11/2005 10:15 pm

OMG!!! I had some old man do that to me today!! He turned right onto the intersecting street and just swung that U-turn! Almost broadsided Grandpa, dammit!! lol Just put my new studs on too! I wonder how many I ground down to stubs? LOL

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