Good Morning Shower  

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11/8/2005 7:56 pm

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Good Morning Shower of my friends said I should give this a here it is. I'm not sure what made her think that, but I thought, what the hell. LOL So here's a little bit of my dabbling. Hope you enjoy!

She stands in the shower, letting the warmth of the water flow over her head and down her body. As she closes her eyes and rinses the crème rinse from her hair, he slips into the shower behind her. She has no idea of his presence behind her. As she lifts her hair, he softly kisses the back of her neck. She smiles as his arms wrap around her and his hands cup her breasts, rolling her now hard nipples between his fingers. She leans back into him and he pulls her closer. He leans down to kiss her. They share a passionate kiss as she turns to face him. He pulls back to look at her luscious breasts and smiles. She knows his thoughts and smiles in anticipation. He leans down to take the left nipple into his mouth and sucks it firmly yet gently. Her hands run through his hair as he sucks them, his tongue flickers quickly over the nipple, further exciting her. As he twirls the other nipple between his fingers, he slides his other hand between her thighs. He caresses her velvety smooth lips, and she lets out a low throaty moan as she enjoys his touch. He knows she’s wet for him and longs to taste her. He has become hard, anticipating the events to unfold. He comes back up to kiss her as he slips his finger between her lips, finding her sensitive clit, and begins to stroke and caress it as they kiss. She reaches down to stroke him in turn, but he stops her hand and places it on his thigh. “Not yet,” he whispers. He covers her breasts with kisses as he continues to play with her, drawing circles and flicking his finger over her clit. He begins kissing down her tummy and feels her juices begin to flow in anticipation of his mouth reaching its destination. He pauses briefly as he kneels in front of her and places her foot on the side of the tub. He holds her hips to steady her as his hard hot tongue glides down the side of her tummy to her thigh, then to the crease between her thigh and lips. Her hands caress his neck as he pulls her closer to him and partake of her juicy sweet pussy that he craves so badly. She watches him as he begins to stroke her with slow yet firm strokes of his tongue. He reads her body and when she’s ready, he quickens the pace. When he knows she’s ready, he presses his face deeper into her and begins sucking on her. She moans with pleasure and grinds against his face. She can feel the suction of his sweet mouth on her, his tongue flicking across her clit as he continues to pleasure her. She moans his name and tells him she’s cumming. He continues his pace as she explodes in orgasmic waves at which point, he drives his tongue deep into her and tastes her sweet juices. She tells him she wants to fuck him and he feels his hardness jerk with excitement, with anticipation of diving into her. As he stands to meet her, she turns and leans into the shower wall in front of him, her smooth round hips facing him, her lips sweetly swollen for him. He teases her, giving her just and inch or two at first. She looks back at him and says, “Fuck me like you want me.” It drives him crazy when she talks to him like that. The first strokes are long deep strokes. He loves how she wraps around him when he enters her. The excitement of the taste of her juices still in his mouth, today however, wakens his animalistic side. He grabs her hips and rams deeply into her. She meets him hungrily and they being their lusty, rhythmic dance. With every deep thrust, she moans. He feels her squeezing and then releasing him. As the pleasure heightens, their bodies move faster, meeting each other harder with every stroke. The sound of their bodies slapping together, their moans of desire and pleasure, the feel of the warm water splashing across them, the feeling of being inside her drive both of them crazy. She tells him she’s close. He almost explodes when he hears her say those words--but he waits for the ones that send him over the edge. He feels so good inside her. She can’t take it anymore. Just as she tells him she’s cumming, he feels her hot juices coat his hardness and he lets go. Their bodies quiver as they cum together. He pulls her to him and they kiss each other. "Good morning, baby."

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