Worn down to a shiny little nub. With a Mexican girl. In Iowa.  

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Worn down to a shiny little nub. With a Mexican girl. In Iowa.

I have been absent for so long it seems.
Last week hurt. I feel like I'm dead on my feet. Enough bitching...
So while in Des Moines last weekend, I found myself drinking margaritas at a skippy little Mexican restaurant. Good friends and wonderful food bring out the best in me, and conversation was loose and fun. We all had a lot of catching up to do, it had been 7 months since I've seen most of these fools. So, as the hour turned into two, some of the guys started dropping off and heading back towards camp, until I found myself with only one friend left, Pat the pickle guy. Don't make me explain...
Pat says he's off, and asks if I'm leaving as well. I tell him no, I'm enjoying myself and will probably stay and finish my fishbowl of a drink. Exchanged farewells and I'm sitting alone.
To my delighted surprise, the gorgeous Hispanic girl who had so diligently waited on us all night slid into the very booth where your's truly was tipsily seated!
"You guys seem like a fun bunch. Too bad I had to work, I would have loved to have had a drink and a laugh, too!" she said, as she scooped up the gi-normous tip we had all left.
"We all had a good day, and haven't seen each other in a while." I said.
"I had a bad day that got worse, but now it's over and I want to erase it from my mind. I've got..." as she counted," $55, wow nice tip! That says we can find some fun!" she said, grinning widely.
I found myself staring at her, noticing her deep brown, almost black, almond shaped eyes, the fringe of wispy black hair in front of her ear, running down the soft, flawless, brown skin of her delicately curved cheek. Her pink lips, with that sultry Spanish accent lifting sweetly from them. She can't be over 25.
She noticed. Of course she did. I was on my third fishbowl, practically grown gills by this point, but had wit about me enough to smile sweetly, and say honestly, "You are one of the most beautiful women I think I have ever seen."
A giggle and a severe blush later, she asks if I'm going to finish my drink, I say no, she swallows the rest in a few gulps. She stands up, grabs my hand, and says, "I know what we should do! It's a surprise! Wait here 5 minutes, I'll be right back."
I'm thinking, as I light my cigarette timer, this is really insane, I need sleep, I should go, but...
Just as my nerve is totally failing, and I'm about to beat a quick retreat, thinking to myself this is a dream or she won't come back, she comes sliding back into the booth!
She leans over close to my ear, motions for me to come closer as well, pauses, a little embarrassed I think, and whispers, "I want you to look at me the way you did a few minutes ago, while you're fucking me. I'm very, very wet," and she lead my hand to the top, inside of her thigh, where a moist ring was slowly and steadily wicking into her jeans," and I can't stop thinking about sex. I just got a room around the corner. Please?"
I had to be dreaming!
In my 31 years, never has anything hit me like this!
I stammered something stupid like, "Me? Wha?", and looked confused, so again she grabbed my hand, only this time, pulled me to my feet and lead me out of the restaurant, in fact, straight to the room she had spoken of.
She stood in front of me in the half-light, silhouetted, and looking stunning and timid. I felt my sex swell at the realization that my brain was not comprehending. My hands gently slid over her face, caressing those soft cheeks and the dark fringe I had admired so before. I bowed into her, down to her, looking into her sweet eyes, and asked, " I'm going to kiss you, ok?".
Yielding to me, she let me bring her face to mine, run my lips over hers, and kiss her slowly and deeply, loosing myself to the act.
Frantically, she grabbed at my belt, undid it, opened my pants, dropped them to my ankles, told me to step out of them, grabbed me by the dick, and tugged me to the bed. Before she could even lay back, I was tearing clothes off of this lithe beauty, top, then bra, pausing a moment to cup a breast and suck the diamond-hard exposed nipple, issuing a gasp and shudder from my lusty kidnapper. Jeans and panties off in one fell swoop!
She lay back, exposed, and truly more luscious than I could have imagined! I crawled up her legs, kissing and sucking every other inch, until I arrived at her sopping wetness. I parted her legs, ran my lips and nose down her lips and over her clit, pulled her open with my hands, and drove my tongue in as deep as I could. Another gasp and moan, and her turn to mutter, only this time in Spanish!
I flopped over on my back, and pulled my lovely cohort on top of my face and forced her to sit down. Grabbing her hips, I maneuvered her over my tongue and face in a steady, rhythmic pattern, until, when I let go, she kept the ride going on her own. Speeding up and grinding harder, her panting was becoming ragged. Finally, totally out of control, her body took over, thrashing back and forth, mashing soft flesh and hard bone, and at the last moment, I grabbed her waist, centered her tight, throbbing hole right on my tongue, and pushed it in past the quivering, flexed muscles, driving my nose into her little button of a clit violently.
A shudder and a stifled scream escaped her lips, as a torrent of liquid drenched my face.
Before she even knew what had hit her, she was bent over, with me buried balls deep and pushing for more, when to my surprise, gush, she was already cumming again, her vagina twitching and squeezing me as she broke down flat on the bed.
Turning her on her side, I eased in as deep as I could, slowly filling her this time, letting her get used to me, gently in and out, deeper every time. Nestled in as far as I could go, I slowly started moving back and forth, holding her, drawing her to me, forcing the rhythm and myself slowly deeper still. Looking into her face, I saw her smile, eyes closed, enraptured.
"Sweetie, open your eyes. See me looking at you. Hear me tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever made love to. Look into my eyes as I cum for you, just for you, because of you."
I felt my own shudder rise. That slow ache when body takes control, and leaves the mind reeling. Quickened pace and animal drive, I felt the tension rise in her again as well. Grabbing a hand full of her thick black hair, I pulled her face to mine, and looking straight into her eyes, I exploded, shooting load after hot, thick load of cum into her sopping and gushing pussy, as it clenched like a fist around my pulsing cock.
Exhausted and spent, we collapsed on each other, stoking and kissing for a while. Then she mentioned the fact that she had stolen the room key from her brother, the night manager at the motel, and really needed to get it back to him before he came looking.
We quickly got dressed and figured out that anything else between us would be extremely difficult, me being married, her, come to find out, engaged! Sorry fellah, she came on to me! Not to mention the almost 200 miles normally between us.
Realizing I would be missed as well, I thanked my tanned, black-haired beauty profusely with kisses, for the pleasure of making her night more enjoyable, and bid my very fond farewell.
I was so glad the shower bag was in the truck!


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