Tick,tick,tick... always that damn clock!  

100needfulthings 42M
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4/10/2005 12:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tick,tick,tick... always that damn clock!

So, I sit at this computer, wondering where you are, what you're doing, probably nothing special, but maybe so... In an infinite universe all things are possible (all at once, even!). That reassures me, that all balances in the end.
I've waited, wandered, and wondered too long. Subdued desires ache too deeply, and time marches ever forward, always reaping as it goes, and I refuse to 'go silently into that good night'. I am voracious in all appetites. Reading, writing, cooking, eating, sex (of course!), friendship, the beauty that is in every thing and every one. I think you get the point. Passion feeds me, so I try and feed my passions. I have wants and needs that will never be attained unless I'm proactive. So here I am. And if you're reading this, so are you... Shall we 'rage against the dying of the light!'
I'm not looking for anything more than pleasure. If a friendship comes about, great! We all need someone who's there for us. But fantasies don't always involve friendships, some don't even need names, some don't even need faces.
Soft and tender, to "we really ought to stop, I'm beyond raw!". Talking about fantasies. Open and honest. No jealousy. No preconceived notion of what is 'right' sexually. Every thing in moderation, unless there is really that itch that need a good long scratch. Just things I'm interested in finding. Just the thought's in my head.
So if you're sitting there, reading this, take a moment and let me know, are you doing anything special? If not, why? E-mail me and we'll figure something out. 100 is such a round number, there's always room for one more! K.

unleashedwildkat 60F

4/10/2005 5:46 pm

You have a beautiful way of talking/ writing. Seems like the kind of mind that would make me stop and ponder.

DirtyLilSecret66 55F

4/10/2005 8:46 pm

'Fantasies don't always involve friendships' ... but can friendships involve fantasies?

I remember watching this one porn movie where the main character's name was 1,000 Ways, because she could please a man in 1,000 ways. Wanna go for 1,001 ways?


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