Ken's just not happy with Barbie any more!  

100needfulthings 42M
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4/25/2005 8:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ken's just not happy with Barbie any more!

Ok, kids. So, today I've been pondering Barbie, the children's doll. Having a young daughter, I'm torn as to whether it's a good toy or bad toy. She has some already, but as a parent, I need make the choice of "Is this a healthy toy for my child's self image". Although the toy has been redesigned in the last few years (more realistic waist and smaller breasts) it still portrays an unrealistic body shape, usually only achievable with a corset and a push up bra, not to mention starting as a 6' tall size 2. She always wears high heels, so much so that her feet are locked into an upright, tiptoe position. These facts alone send a cautionary signal to my brain.
I'm a realist when it comes to sex. Yes there are women who do look like Barbie, but to solidify all womankind into a plastic mold of 'what you should look like' is a little dangerous to say the least. Personally, I have no true preference, and have found beauty and joy in women of all body types. But if goaded enough, would have to say a well proportioned, ample figure is more appealing to me than ribs and hips sticking out. I'm afraid I'll break a really thin woman (although this has not yet proven so, by any means! ) Oh, and a nice round butt just happens to be a favorite of mine, and Barbie never really did have much of an ass!
In generations past, an amply figured woman in your home meant prosperity and good health. The promise of healthy children, good cooking, and a voluptuous body to keep you warm on a cold winter night, behind closed doors.
In parts of the world today, there are still cultures that praise a woman for having a healthy figure, not fat so much as ample. Keep in mind though, that most places in the world, people don't live near as sedate lives as us in the States. Kind of funny, we have the 'Barbie' social standard, yet studies show we exercise, through work or our own fitness efforts, less than most other countries in the world. And how many 'All you can eat' buffets are in your town or city? Mixed messages, don't you think? It would be different if we were still a subsistence society, but we're not. We're a service society. Most of the really crappy, heavy work has been minimized by machinery, and now computer technology. We no longer toil in fields, grind our own grain, raise our own food, build our own houses, dig our own wells, chop our own wood, do heavy chores, or raise livestock. All these things could easily keep a good sized family fit and strong, but as we all have become more urbanized (yes, even us in America's heartland feel it), our total amount of exercise decreases, while convenient food, shorter travel distances, not to mention cars and other modern wonders, make us even less likely to burn the calories we should be, to be 'fit' humans.
So in the middle of all this, holding an innocuous looking Barbie in my hand, I ask myself, "Is this the image I want my daughter to have of womanhood?" Not really, no. I would prefer to teach her to stay active, eat healthy, and just be comfortable with how she looks. Give her all the love and caring that a dad can, and always tell her she's the most beautiful girl in the world, at least to one man, me, her Father. K.

DirtyLilSecret66 55F

4/25/2005 4:14 pm

... would have to say a well proportioned, ample figure is more appealing to me ... Oh, and a nice round butt just happens to be a favorite of mine ...

My my my How about tattooed round butts?


wyvernrose 38F
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4/25/2005 8:55 pm

Barbie is pretty much on the black list in our house, my step daughter had barbies as her mum encouraged them, curently there is not a single one in the house, barbie merchandise isn't so easy to get rid of however, my sister and parents give it too them solely because I don't approve.

2 of our children are slim one is plump, I don't want problems later on as they are all beutiful. needfulthings you are on the right track, we allow pooh bear as he has some good things to teach as does hi5 and the wiggles, otherwise majority of their play things are generic.


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