I should be sleeping but...  

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5/18/2005 8:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I should be sleeping but...

I work nights, so I should be sleeping right now. Sorry to you whom I am neglecting to write to, so that I may post this little entry. Just don't have time for it all today.

My mind slips all night.
Slips out the open door of the shop.
Thank the Powers That Be that they fixed the hole where the rain got in. It kept stopping my mind from wandering where it will go.
As the roaring hum of heavy machinery cuts steel like so much butter, I feel myself wander away from it all. Slip through that door. Run for the road. Spread myself out as the wind hits my face, lifts my spirit and spreads it thin.
Clinging to the fabric of what I know to be my true self, I rise high upon the breeze, spreading and rising, like so much mist from a warm lake on a cold morning, rolling up and hugging the land.
My astral fingers reach out, stretched from astral arms. I stand on top of the mountains and chop them down with the edge of my hand. I pick up all the tiny pieces and make islands raise up from the sand.
Further I thin. Sliding over and through. Knowing without being. Twisting time and space to my whim.
A thought, and it is so.
Shapelessly, I hover over your form. I know you from your glow. Like a beacon from a ship on a cold, stormy, winter's night.
A mild sense of me raises the hair upon your neck, like a quiet whisper too close and soft even to be heard. I voice in you has called to me and I am here. I fold around you, as you lie in bed. Eyes closed and wrapped in dreams. Soft breath exhaled with a kiss.
I tighten myself. Bring my pieces down off of the breeze. Bring them to nestle in your hair and on your cheek. To run a wisp across your lips, over the ridge of your brow.
Tighter still I make my spirit. Closing the web, I wrap around you, under you, inside of you. Gather together until I can make the pressure feel as if I am there, but doing things I never could in the flesh.
Enveloping, engulfing, consuming. My essence races, enlivened by your body's response, though you are still devoid of conscious though. Still reveling in static slumbering bliss.
A moan escapes your lips as I penetrate you, rhythmically entice every space with just enough of me to feel sated. To be full. Caressing every inch with my coil, with my soul. Breathing through you, feeling through you, living through you.
I enter your dream. Rapt with pleasure, you seem to be engorged with the though of Nirvana, how it could not be far from here and now. Bliss comes rising in waves as you envision a formless lover stilling the waters and at the same time flooding your seas. Beckoning, I draw closer, reaching for you and holding you in an embrace that cannot be real. Finding and filling and stroking every piece, every solitary atom, effortlessly, painlessly, rapturously.
Fire swells from the depths of the ocean's wells. A flame with a scorching heat, and boiling ferocity. Rising from a tap so deep, you had no idea of such a beastie even ever existing.
The fire of a star pulses forth, consuming and collapsing, growing in intensity, gripping your very soul. Shaking it to it's very bedrock. Leaving you heaving and full. Burned, and yet healed.
I draw away slowly.
Slipping from limb and valley.
Retracing my steps through space and time. Sliding down and back upon the cool evening breeze.
A light ahead.
The door.
I slip back in, un-noticed, un-affected.
My eyes take back on their shine, my skin not now so pale.
I'm back at work.
Time to switch parts.
This one has been done for awhile now.
I hope no one noticed.
I'm so very glad they fixed that hole.

Goodnight and sweet dreams (or day, if you prefer),


DirtyLilSecret66 55F

5/18/2005 9:55 am

Last night I slept as though wrapped in a warm cocoon of safety, care and comfort ... now, I know why.

Sleep well on your cloud, Dear.


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