Pleasure is overated - No way  

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2/8/2006 11:00 pm

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Pleasure is overated - No way

I sat at work yesterday trying to figure out what to do about this whole AdultFriendFinder thing,pleasure is overrated, should i stay or should i go? at that moment awomen walked by the office, smiled and walked over the street.

She was HOT!!! I looked over to the rest of the guys and they freaked out. One even dropped a comment that i should follow her. They went on about her ass, legs and that beautiful breasts. I then replied that i thought that her blue eyes were almost the first thing i saw.

About half an our later the phone rang, i answered and the woman on the other end asked to speak to the tall blonde guy - THATS ME! i replied. She offered to meet me at the coffe shop around the corner, i almost flipped. I excused myself from my work for the rest of the afternoon.

When we met up there was quite a bit of tension in the air, but after a while she came out and told me that she would like to suck my dick. I, being a normal sex loving male suggested we do this somewhere else. She asked the waiter if we could move to one of the tables in the back of the shop, he obviously did'nt have any objections.(I think he saw the look on my face)

We moved, sat down and she "dropped" her cell phone an went under the table to retreve it. She sat still under the table for almost 2 minutes. The next thing i knew, she unzipped my trousers and almost tore them off my body, here i was sitting in a coffe shop with my pants on my ankles!

She started caressing my sack, slowly licking it and workingher way up to my now already rock hard penis. She started licking and sucking and she gave out a groan or ten. I told her that i was going to come, she stopped for a moment to tell me: "Let it go" and went on. I could not hold my exitement and came with a loud WHAAAAA!

She came out from under the table, still with her mouth full, looked me in the eyes and swallowed. She then pointed her fingers towards the floor, I immediately jumped under the table. As i reached her legs, she gave me a pair of scissors, i cut her g-string right in the middle and her moist, clean shaven pussy awaited my tongue. I decided to make her beg for it and ran my hands over her legs and her inner thighs, she looked like she was sitting on hot coals. I licked her thighs and legs and she groaned.

I proceded to the hotspot and parted her lips with my fingers, licking her clitoris, first barely touching and then started doing it more vigourously. She came with a scream and the next moment the wauter was back, thecking if she was OK. She replied that she had a cramp.

After he left i came out under the table, she smiled again, i offered to pay for the now cold coffee, she got up, kissed me on the cheek and said "We should do this again" i replied: "Let's meet at my office on a lunch break, no-one is there in the afternoons"

"I'll call you" she said. I told her about AdultFriendFinder and that she should join to wich she said that it would not be nescessary and that she met her favourite lunchtime pasttime. I just said that she can view our little encounter on the blog and if she wanted to be reminded of the fun we had.

I cannot wait to hear from her again!!!

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