Weekend blues.......  

0_may_I 51F
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3/31/2006 8:04 pm

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4/1/2006 6:59 pm

Weekend blues.......

And I'm Singing 'Em !!!


I need a lusty, lovin', man. End of !!!

Hugs & kisses 0_May_I ?

ticktock500 43M

3/31/2006 9:15 pm

where have you been?

ilsgicemru 71M
2822 posts
4/1/2006 8:30 am

...................... 0h_my_0_may_I ?

I am sorry that I can't cross that "big pond" that seperates us . and make us both happy this weekend !!

She was morning
And I was night time
I one day woke up
To find her lying
Beside my bed
I softly said
"Come take me"

For I've been lonely
In need of someone
As though I'd done
someone wrong somewhere
I don't know where
Come lately

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
2386 posts
4/1/2006 12:08 pm

I find it hard to believe that you're short of offers ...

0_may_I 51F

4/1/2006 2:26 pm

TT, Busy, baby. Missed you all very much..muah..

HUgs & kisses 0_May_I ?

0_may_I 51F

4/1/2006 2:28 pm

G, I AM STRUMMING you to perfection, lover.

Hugs & Kisses 0_May_I ???

0_may_I 51F

4/1/2006 2:33 pm

TQG..it's not the number of invitations, hun, It's the fact I can't seem to drag one of you lovely boys into IM with me, dear. That's ok if you don't mind putting on a show for all the people in the room you happen to be in at the time, but I'm not over fond of exhibitionism, lover.

Hugs & kisses 0_May_I ???

ilsgicemru 71M
2822 posts
4/5/2006 8:09 am

..................... 0oooooooooo 0_may_I

I sure do miss you here !! .. You need to get your profile back up so we can find your blog ... I will have to visit you at Susie Q !!

.................... G

citizen4722 59M  
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6/3/2006 2:01 pm

O_MAY_I missed u so...how are You?

Would you like a
'Burnt Weeny Sandwich'
Can You
'Sheik Yerbouti'
You can call me
'Uncle Meat'

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