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0_may_I 52F
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1/12/2006 7:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Come On In...

An Shut The Door behind You

There's a draft in here..and don't any of you dare to say 'shut your legs then,' because it is crude. ''
Are you all keeping well?
I have a date for the first time, in about three months, tonight and I've got butterflies in my stomach fluttering about everywhere. I like him you see, a lot. I hope I can keep my cool when I'm with him and not make an utter idiot of myself.
The prep., girls, has been the usual. One of beautification-lol-hair, nails, make up and deportment-lol-scratch the last-sounds like we are in a finishing school. Have you ever wandered around the house balancing a book on your head? It's harder than it looks too. Try to bend down to retrieve your dropped poached egg like that why don't you ! You're askin for trouble ! I know, believe me. My copy of Samuel Pepys diaries is covered in gooey egg yolk now---YUCK.
It's all in-hand and the rest is up to the gods. If there are any, please smile down on us favourably tonight. Don't let me act like a complete ninny and please, please, please let my date be a decent conversationalist. I thank you.
How many of you have had disastrous dates like me then. Come on, let me know. I'm sure they can't be as bad as mine. I'll tell you about some of them one day. If I dare---lol.
Question---May I sign off now ?
Answer---Yes, you may, O_May_I---lol

Above left is a pic. of my last date---lol---see what I have to deal with?

rm_laidback64 52M

1/13/2006 8:50 am

Did the gods smile down on your date? I'm a past master at bad first dates, once managed to throw my drink down my dates chest, she just glared at me when I apologised and asked if I'd spoiled my chances of a shag. Once went down to Manchester to meet a girl who described herself as "curvacious", she turned out to be enormous, I was too terrified to run away. Hope yours was better.

Green_Tea_Boy 50M
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1/13/2006 1:58 pm

lol May I...

I came as requested... complete with my copy of the Iliad balanced on my head so we can waltz around gracefully and check out those poached eggs...

enough of the enigmatic stuff...

I had a date like that... he was 64...told me he was 44... I kept hoping it was only a dream.... but it was really a nightmare... did yours go may I ask?

0_may_I 52F

1/15/2006 11:26 pm

Laid back..well some more of the same. You're a real charmer, I must say. No wonder you've had some disastrous dates! As to our date,(the fat bird), I'm glad you didn't recognise me, from my

0_May_I ?..bending her trim frame, I'm getting sick of all this bowing and scraping, wish I'd never started it now. It's no wonder I'm so slim-waisted.
Think I need to bump into Emily P. I'm sure she wonderers the halls of Blogland, keeping her eye on all us girls.

0_may_I 52F

1/15/2006 11:39 pm

B..I've told you how it went, in my next blog.
However..if he'd had a chest like you, I may have marked his card differently for

0_May_I ? I like the question mark, wish I'd added it to my handle

0_may_I 52F

1/16/2006 12:05 am

GTB..what a refreshing outcome, that you came as're so thoughtful, Green. Even if you were only after checking my poached eggs out.
As regards your report card, there's no way you could have a regular one. Paper is combustible, you do realise? Your report would be much too hot to got away with loads of naughty little boy stuff in the past, too. Which we'll waiver, on this occasion, since it is your graduation.
You receive a special commendation for your bloggishness, (try saying that, oh, and your blokeishness. All things considered it's an A+ with honours and two commendations.Will that do?

0_May_I ? Standing tall,listening to Emily P.....

Are you still trying to say bloggishness fast? Do it fast enough and you sound quite Mind you don't bite your tongues.

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