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3/1/2006 11:06 am

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Coming to a location near you

I currently live in Spokane, Washington. My life is going through some big changes and I will probably move to Appleton, Wisconsin where I have family. (that is family as in relatives, not wife and kids.)
The job market here in Spokane is really bad, and I am getting rather discouraged. I spent two years trying to make a go of running my own business, making and selling jewelry. People here do not want to pay for the time it takes to make jewelry by hand. I cannot compete with mass produced and third -world stuff. In addition my girlfriend and I recently broke up. We have both come to the conclusion that we are better as friends than as a couple. I do not really want to move because I have friends here. However, unless the employement situation here changes soon I will not really have much choice, but to stay with family while I start over.
For those who are curiouse about my handle- It is something my exgirlfriend used to call me. When I was trying to come up with a handle she made the suggestion that I use that petname.
I wil be moving to Appleton, Wisconsin later this year. (I am currently in Washington State.) I enjoy dancing and would like to take more classes. In the past I have done a variety af different kinds of dance including; waltz, east coast swing, west coast swing, salsa, and others. I also know how to cook. If it is a dish that I have not made before I can probably figure it out. I enjoy other things as well, and I am open to new ideas.
I think a enjoying life and having a good smile is important. I especially like it when a woman's smile shows in her eyes. I would like to meet someone who shares my interist in dancing.

0BlondeAdonis 45M

3/4/2006 3:17 pm

Most of the jewelry pieces I have made are necklaces and earrings for women. I know how to make other things, but I dont have the equipment or space at this time.

sfromwisconsin 46F

3/18/2006 10:28 pm

I don't wear alot of jewelry... I am a catering director. I am aroun d food alot. You like to cook. I serve for a living. I truly enjoy good art and I like to be taken care of. Although - I am not needy... What more do you have to offer other than no job - a new life in a new place, although you still have family nearby - any new town offers new obstacles.... but your picture tells me you enjoy good things - I can,,,,

0BlondeAdonis 45M

3/28/2006 8:42 am

I will get a job when I get there. Spokane is a really bad job market. I knew several people that have moved away in the last several years in search of jobs, and even more that are planning on moving this year.
I know, whether or not a guy has a job is a major issue for a lot of woman. I have actually had a woman who was hitting on me stop talking to me in the middle of a conversation when she found out I am not currently employed.
My Father was in the Air Force, and I have moved more times than I care to count. This is just one more.
Yes, I do have more to offer... If you want to know more, then take some time to get to know me.

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