A Study of Electonic Relationships  

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6/5/2005 6:34 am

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A Study of Electonic Relationships

Well I started off on the London chat room trying to get responses and ideas about what an electronic relationship meant to people...I guess there's a lot of underlying distrust of men in the chat rooms. Nobody believed me to start with, especially two more experienced female memebers (you know who you are) who very aggressively interrogated me, insulted me and assumed I was bullsh*tting. All in all not the best start to the study.
Because AdultFriendFinder.com doesn't allow me to copy the content of chat rooms for the use of the study (until I write to them and ask permission when this study gets more serious) I have to try and remember basic traits of the rooms. The really basic ones which I'm sure everyone knows about already but still...

1) Males outnumber Females on a huge scale.
2) Upon entering a room, only about 20% of members try to initiate conversation.
3) Males will "cluster" around a female member, more than 3 at a time offering greeting or conversation.
4) In order for an "outsider" male to enter conversation they must say something more provocing than "hello", but asking for "Women from xxxxxxx" rarely gets a response.
5) There appear to be no strong and regular male characters in chat rooms, instead they are dominated by one or more matriachical female members.

Hopefully I can look into these and create reasonable explanations for them, and find some less obvious trends as I understand more about this site.

Any help with explanations, ideas or anything please email AdultFriendFinder and make the subject "electronic relationships study" no timewasters please!


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6/5/2005 8:51 pm

Personally for me, chatrooms are just for fun, and not for forming "relationships".

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