What is your comment on what i believe about sex. Would like to know your opinion, you dissagree ?  

06_handsome_06 35M
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3/12/2006 5:57 am

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3/13/2006 4:48 am

What is your comment on what i believe about sex. Would like to know your opinion, you dissagree ?

THE WAY TO GREAT SEX. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THE ORGASM OF YOUR LIFETIME IF YOU send a guy your picture and meet him for a fuck. Or vice-versa. IF you want the orgasm of your lifetime you have to be teased and want him with fire and excitement. yes.. i am a HORNY guy.. like many.. YES I WANT TO FUCK.. as everyone in here..but.. the game of seduction is the most interesting of all...You know.. this is the best thing.. it doesn't matter.. if you , i, have money.. or anything similar what-soever.. But.. do one thing. LIVE. on.. why am i not living? or YOU? or what does live mean.. LIVE MEANS FOR ME.. PASSION..
"Life is not measured with the quantity of breaths you take,but with the quantity of moments that took your breath away!"
YOU don't need the best weels, YOU don't need the best road..YOu don't need to know where you going.. All YOU need to know and have.. is IMAGINATION and DESIRE. You might go by train for skiing. YOu might go By plane to a place just to taste the local food and come back. YOU might go just around the corner to the pasta shop. And whether i take you or YOU take me. you should always know one thing.. a fine day takes a little imagination, a little fun, a little risk and you/me should always take the chance.
and my final sentence, final paragraph
When one day something happens , something serious (hopefully not) and you look around.. you won't find your fuck buddies looking after you, or helping you through your ordeal. And yes you might say.. until that.. day.. i will have found him/her.. But i don't think you will.. Of course you will tell me.. you don't know the way i am going.. THAt is true.. i am not here to judge, just to tell you my thoughts.. SO. i think.. it's time to live passion and sex.. but never forget to keep your eyes open for the real treasure. IT's there.. for everyone.. ??

rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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3/12/2006 6:55 am

I enjoyed this post. It has some truths there. Sometimes, the fuck buddy, can turn into something more. I know from experience. BigD and I were only suppose to be fuck buddies. We did everything in the wrong order. SEX. FRIENDSHIP. MARRIAGE. The kid came along somewhere along in there, LOL!! But we have an awesiome relationship. I do not desire to be with any other man, because of the attention he pays to my body. He understands me, loves, me. I am glad my eyes were open to see my treasure standing in front of me.......!!

Lady in Love with BigD

rm_kaywhykids2 64M/59F
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3/12/2006 7:24 am

I agree with some of what you say.Life is very short and I believe we should try to milk it for all it is worth. Unfortunatly, some people live to be miserable. Soooo sorry for them.I enjoy every minute, on matter what I am doing.I have had fuck buddies in the past, and they were just that! No illusions here. I was the one to lay down that law.Makes my life less complicated. But now I have the PERFECT partner.And it only took me 46 yrs. to find him.Not bad, since lots of people never find that person. My wish for the world?!?
That everyone could be as happy as we are. We share everything, thoughts, feelings, fantasies,hopes, and dreams, good times and bad.
Nothing is off limits or taboo. When you find that one person that you can be totally open and honest with, NO MATTER WHAT, you have probably found your treasure, JUST BE SURE NOT TO JUDGE IT BY THE WRAPPER!!...We need to look deep inside to see what is really there.

rm_sucker33059 49M
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3/12/2006 7:24 am

What you say is true. I have been in a relationship for 22 years. Still to this day sex with this man is the ultimate. I do fuck around and and even though it is hot raw uninhibited sex, thats all it is. There is not the element of love involved, there is no anticipation as to when it will happen again because most of the time it is an anonamos person. Seduction is the tool to the ultimate orgasm. I've been chasing a person for several years, we tease and temp each other but have never acted upon our feelings. When I finally win my catch, I'm sure that I will explode into orgasm before I am ever touched by him.

06_handsome_06 35M

3/12/2006 1:54 pm

Thank you for taking your time to reply.. appreciate that.. i am glad you agree.. but i would like to hear if someone has a different opinion. I am questioning everything.. been reading around here and find some things.. different.. for example.. what i mean is this.. when i read that a woman loves to have sex with a lot of men.. and discribes that situation of one time that happened... : like the ultimate orgasm.. as you can understand that is smth different. But the fact that someone has to be there and love you by yourside still remains.. Except if you tell me.. she is going to find a man.. that will love her.. and like her to have fun with other guys.. But.. then i don't get .. what love that is.. Well on the other side.. you will tell me about swingers. I remember once a couple (swingers) were saying they were totally in love.. yes.. but they both loved to have fun with others. hm i can accept that.. so the whole point here is still to find that one person then.. that can fulfill most of your needs as a person.. and i guess both have similar ideas.. But how can a person that is addicted for example to fuck around or have fuck buddies.. ever take the few chances of findind that one special person.. ? and there are more questions... please.. answers... beliefs, examples... reply

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