Flogging Cod pieces up The Butts and on to The Oval...  

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6/22/2006 2:29 pm

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Flogging Cod pieces up The Butts and on to The Oval...

...and that was just my day at work!

Morning people! Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my first blog. Hope you're all exceptionally well and continue to be so. It's been a pleasure so far.

Anyway, enough of that, back to the Cod pieces, The Butts and The Oval. I guess I should start at the beginning, it's a very good place to start I hear!

Well, it all began when I was seven... oh ok, not that beginning - we'll get to that anon!

I suppose really it started about a week ago with an IM from my lil sis at uni, I was updating a civvy dating profile when she sent a nudge and asked what I was up to - "looking at porn" I replied, wanting to gross her out. At which point she trumped me by sending me a link to a free porn site that she and her uni friends liked. So, after the rest of our chat, being of a naturally inquisitive nature, I had a look.
Now suffering also from a slight case of P.S.F. - or it may be the impatience - or indeed my pseudo-retardation, I stumbled across Adultfriendfinders, the rest as they say...

..and here I am. I did what I presume to be the usual, had a look around, really liked what I saw and hopped on board the fun bus!

Yesterday was my first day with a profile (tho no photo yet which is a bit of a ball ache - Looking after my friends flat and cat in London and having blue tooth issues - too much fluoride in the local water I think - but can't be enjoying other blogs without adding to the cause!) and spent most of the day reading blogs. Not what I was expecting when I hopped on board but really enjoyed it, working for yourself has it's benefits! Didn't earn a penny yesterday but had a great day! Desperately wanted to write my first blog but inspiration must have been watching the Nether-regions kick a sheep's bladder at some Argentinians or something. Which leads us on to today and the good stuff!

Flogging the Cod pieces, The Butts and on to The Oval!

Woke up later than anticipated
again! Felt good, chilled but no mojo for work loving, wanted to explore my new toy!

Finally left the house at about midday going to hunt down customers that I'd made last time I was cat and flat sitting (August last year!) and off I pootled.

None of the customers were home at first call so I thought that I'd do some cold calling - being that's how I started and maintain my business,got off to a good start, met some good, genuine people, who bought - perfect!!
Then lost it mojo a bit so went for a potter with the intention of finding inspiration and a new place to knock - found a shop selling really cool cruiser and low rider bicycles instead!!

Deciding to return to see if the customers were back in post 9 to 5 now, I meandered my way back to the vicinity. As i was driving I passed "The Butts" LOL a close on my left. That's where it all clicked - my first blog! I drove on a bit and did a U-turn thinking I must knock it purely for you guys! As I turned into the close imagine my delight that the road naming sign read the it led to "The Oval" I wondered for a moment if I'd approached from the wrong angle! I was however a little disappointed not to find a bridge at the intersection of the two roads crossing a minor tributary called "the Biffin!!!"

So off I went disturbing housewives and offering them a chance to take a look at my cod pieces and other wares of a similar nature.

Whilst in the process of this I happened upon a couple of creatures of which I believe that I may be the original discoverer - nominatively at least, within approx. 5 minutes and about 6 houses of each other I met 2 "Mannocks".

A "Mannock" for the uninitiated is to a man what a Bullock is to a Bull. Generally of a slightly nervous disposition, spending much time like a fart in a trance, unable to make a decision without the presence of a superior being!!!

FOR FUCK'S SAKE MAN! What do you mean you don't know what your wife would like! I appreciate that you want to please her and make her happy - not make the wrong decision yadda yadda yaddaah! But It's food! You know what you like don't you, or does she tell you that too! (nice Mark's pullover by the way!) You know what she likes don't you?.. probably not actually! Come on, you can do better than that, use your imagination!

And then I had to stop, didn't knock the rest of the road. i was to excited about coming home and writing my first blog. I'd had a good day of sales amongst all that, was (am still) feeling great and wanted to let you know. So, cheers everyone! Let's pickle!! x

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6/22/2006 9:13 pm

Welcome to the Blogs!

000TBoy 42M
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6/23/2006 9:37 am

how rude! sorry angel you were my first comment1 always nice to receive, dropped by your blog but forgot my manners!

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